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Fun question

This is stollen from a bump board... but if you won hundreds of millions od dollars, what would you do with the money?
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Re: Fun question

  • pay off all my credit cards, go on vacations to ireland and australia, buy a house and a new car (both paid in full), and deposit what's left over.    i might even let j have some of it Stick out tongue
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  • Definitely pay off all of our bills, and probably help my parents out with theirs too. We would also buy a new house(for us and my parents), go on some very nice vacations(both family and just hubby and I), and probably get new cars. I'd put the kids in nice schools and put enough money aside for the kids for college(with stipulations that it HAD to be used on schooling). Other than that, I'd probably just bank the rest and relax because I wouldn't have to worry about money problems! :)

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  • Not just millions but hundreds of millions?  Oh hell.  Where would I even start besides the number 1:  pay off all debt.  Oh, and number 2:  Move (this would entail building a bigger and better house...staying in NW Ohio...but with vacation places scattered all around).  After that?  I think I would just do whatever I wanted to whenever I felt like it!
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  • If it were lots of hundreds of millions.. I'd build my own neighborhood and move all my family and friends into it.  Also would have one main house in this area, and then travel all over!  I would quit my job for sure!  Then would be able to enjoy everything with the kids.  When I got bored I go do a job I loved for free, that way they couldn't turn me away, LOL!




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