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Mirena removal

I know this has been posted in the past, but I haven't been on the site in awhile.  I'm just wondering what exactly to expect from the Mirena removal.  My Dr and I discussed it at my last annual, which has been awhile ago.  I'm kind of nervous about it.


Re: Mirena removal

  • its like pulling out a tampon. they just pull on the biggie.
  • It took my Doctors two appts to get it out, each apt lasted 20-25 minutes with multiple hands and multiple forceps before he was able to finally find it on the second hunt. 

    Ive been Mirena free since June with one Chemical Pregnancy and One Miscarriage, I will NEVER get it again!! 

    The point of it is to prevent pregnancy while its still in, but when it's removed you should be able to get pregnant when you want and not have to suffer through the loss of a baby in IMO :(


    The removal was painless when they finally found it, like the PP said. 


    Good luck! 


  • Miscarriage is devastating no matter when it happens, but we don't usually know the cause. Your miscarriage may be unrelated to your Mirena removal. I had three miscarriages and then 2 live babies,  before my Mirena. Keep trying. It will work out.If you are TTC read taking charge of your fertility, it is a great book. 


  • I had to have mine removed a month after "installation" due to it being defective and misplaced. I would NEVER have another one placed. It was easily removed like a tampon, as the pp said.
  • It's easy. It was over before I even knew it, it literally was a few seconds. My doctor said "cough", so I coughed and it was out! I had some mild cramping for a short time after but that's it.
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