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SB, Coley, and soon to be Vicki

Thank you for making my party inspiration a reality!
SB, your tulle arrived the other day, thank you SO much for you generosity. There's so much of it, I've been able to make a few decorations and a table skirt. Thank you so much!
Coley, your cake pops arrived today, they're gorgeous! My stupid mail lady hung them from the mailbox with a rubber band, so a few were damaged, but Pete and I each were able to sample the Internet goods before serving them to the party. So, we've got 'looking out' good and checked off the prep list. And they're delicious, your balls, they're so moist and tasty in my mouth! I'll log onto my email here in a second, when I unwind myself from pink tulle, and take care of business Paypal style. Thank you so much for doing these, they're the perfect ballet pink!
And Vickers, I can't wait to eat your creations! I mean, give out. I mean, give out.... it's probably best that I don't have them in my house yet, I can't control myself. I've had to rebuy four different types of goodies since last week.
I've missed you guys! I've been swamped with party stuff and my tv/Internet/phone was broken for the last 3 days (squeeeeeHORRORsqeeeeeee). I had to stop in and say hi!

Re: SB, Coley, and soon to be Vicki

  • Oh yay!  I'm so glad you were able to use it and that it made it in time.  I was worried about it taking longer because of Thanksgiving.

    we all fall down sometimes
    brass and ballet flats
  • but what are you doing Sunday?
  • I just caught up on all that!, Mashed. It all depends on what time family heads out and when you guys meet up. I'd love to if I can swing it!
  • Yay!!!  I'm glad they arrived in relatively safe condition (and that you got to sample pre-party). I'm a horrible small business owner who hasnt even sent your invoice.  So no rush on that. I guess I figured you were good for it since I know you from the Internet. 
    "Once I got a bath bomb that, once exploded, filled the tub with confetti. Little sharp metallic pieces of confetti. The product description said nothing about confetti. Oh look, there's a tiny, sharp metallic blue star stabbing me in the labia. HOW RELAXING. " - NoisyPenguin
  • that's cool.  whatever.  I understand.
  • I can't wait to see pictures!!


    "If you wanna win then you shoulda put a hat on it. Don't be mad when you see a knit cap won it. If you wanna win then you shoulda put a hat on it."- Fenton

  • Your party is going to be epic.  Also, this just reminded me that my first ever order of Vicki cookies will probably arrive tomorrow.  Squeee!
  • I can't wait to see pictures of the party!  I shipped your cookies UPS today - you'll get them on Friday!  I'll email you a picture.  Hope you like them! 
  • Holy crap I miss you guys. 
    3 out of 4 dead babies agree! pepsi is better than coke! - EdithBouvierBeale
    Lordy. Grow some balls and stop lurking. It's like stealing from the internet. Jesuschrist. -- AudreyHorne
    I hate love and marriage. I got married so I could destroy these things from the inside. - NoisyPenguin
    It's a good thing my circle of trust is as giant as my vagina. That only leaves a couple people out. - Cali
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