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multiple growth scans?

Did anyone else have a bunch of growth scans during their pregnancy?

I just had one at 34w and my OB wants me to have another one next tuesday. DH was a gigantic baby and I was on the bigger side of average (8 lbs 6oz), could that be why they are concerned?

The first growth scan she was 60th percentile, then she jumped up to 80th percentile.

OB doesnt think I will make it much longer due to cervical change (yesterday I was 3 cm and 70% effaced) and pre term contractions anyway, I guess I just dont see the point in another ultrasound (plus I loathe the tech in my office, she is always running an hour + behind).

Re: multiple growth scans?

  • Are you measuring ahead?  I was consistently measuring 2 weeks ahead so they were concerned about fluid levels.
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  • I didn't have a single growth scan ultra sound. I measured right on track with both pregnancies so maybe therewas no concern about size, even though DD was 6lbs and DS 9lbs....don't really know how I measured right on track with either of them.
  • I didn't have any, other than the 20w anatomy scan. I'd ask your OB for more info on why they feel it is necessary.
  • I've had them once a month since 20 weeks because of my blood pressure - usually, PIH results in smaller, preterm babies, so they wanted to make sure he was growing and my placenta was working.
  • I was measuring 2 weeks ahead last week but then on track this week (she said baby had dropped).

  • I had one a month after 20 weeks as well. Noah was really big and they wanted to monitor him.

  • I did b/c they thought M was on the smallish side.  Turns out I just carried him low for a long time and I don't get too large anyway when pregnant so I was measuring small. 

    He was larger than his brother was. 

  • I know a few people who have turned down the growth scans towards the end, since they really are not needed unless there is a medical concern. I would definitely ask your doc why. Also you hear plenty of stories about women who were told they were having huge babies and convinced to do elective c-sections and the babies turned out average size, so I would be a bit wary of the late growth scans and the reasoning.

  • image carrierrie:
    Are you measuring ahead?  I was consistently measuring 2 weeks ahead so they were concerned about fluid levels.

    Ditto this.  I was always 2 weeks ahead and had excessive fluid levels.  They thought she was going to be 10+ lbs, but she was only 8 lbs 10 oz.   

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  • Sounds like that baby is coming sooner than later! So exciting! If fluid levels aren't a concern, it doesn't seem like it's necessary, but I have no idea...sorry you're having to even deal with it!
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  • I had one every week, sometimes 2x/week near the end with my oldest b/c he was IUGR and SGA.  He was little, but mostly growing toward my butt :)
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    DS #3 diagnosed at birth with panhypopituitarism - lack of pituitary function. He is treated with thyroxine, hydrocortisone, growth hormone and testosterone.

  • I am not a big believer in the growth scan, unless, like pps said, they are looking for fluid levels.  I had GD last time, and they told me DS was on track for 7.5-8lbs.  After giving birth to my 9 lb, 15oz child, I realized that growth estimates are a very loose science.  ;)  They can err either way, and by a significant amount.  Had I known I was looking at a 10 lb baby, I definitely wouldn't have held out through 24 hours of labor, mostly unmedicated, and 4 hours of pushing, before having a c-section.  ;)
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