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The DH post below reminded me that I keep meaning to ask.... How's your DH's phD program going?  I know what a process/project it can be (for you too at times!) & have been thinking about you. 

Re: *Razzle*

  • Aww thanks! His process is going really well. He is kind of an unconventional PhD student in the fact that he makes it a priority to be at home in the evenings. Although some of those evenings are doing school work. Currently his is in his last class he will ever have to take (YAY!).

    Then next semester he will be picking his committee and figuring out his dissertation project. His goal is to have a very completable large project instead of doing a bunch of little projects. He says a lot of professors at his school like to keep PhD students around a long time (6-7yrs) if they do lots of little projects. These students keep going back to the committee saying "So, now do I have enough research done?" He wants to prevent this by having one large project that will take him 2-3 years to complete then bringing the completed research/paper/presentation to his committee and being done. Does this make sense?

    Luckily I keep pretty busy at home with the dog and my school work on my days off. Starting next summer I think I will be busier with my clinicals than he will be with his schooling. I am so glad we are getting all our education done now together, rather then having to try to do it with kiddos. But as soon as I have a NP job with maternity leave we will be TTC ASAP! Big Smile 

    Anyway, enough about me. How are you feeling? Is Mads getting excited for her new sister (right?)? Mads piggies kill me! They are too stinking cute! 

    Does your DH have a PhD? Kevin hates organic chemistry! It sounds like our husbands would get along really well together. He likes disc golf too? Kevin plays every weekend AM for about 4hrs! We have hit up all sorts of courses when we travel too. Wow, didn't realize we had so much in common Smile

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  • I didn't realize it either until I saw his hobbies listed in the other post! haha

    That's awesome that Kevin is able to be home in the evenings and have some time to breathe and hang out (and work on you guys' new place too I'm sure!)  Paul does have his PhD in organic chemistry, although he's doing more stuff with polymers in his current job (he works for Dow.... he actually travels to MI several times a year- to Midland, not sure how far from you that is?)  And I completely understand about him wanting one big project to work on to cut down on the time.  Paul was in a similar situation with his program.... he actually ended up kind of being sucked into a second group through his research- one advisor was okay with him being done in 2-3 years (research/writing-wise), but the other one would have kept him there for forever, I swear!!!  (I used to have nightmares about it!)  Unfortunately, he doesn't get to play disc golf as much as he used to these days, between work and Mads, but I know he's hoping it will pick up a bit more this summer (he's convinced he'll be able to take Mads out on the courses with him and let her run around haha... we'll see!), but it's a huge favorite of his.

    And I definitely hear you about getting all of the schooling out of the way before kids.  We both did the same for the most part (Paul defended while I was pregnant and then actually graduated/walked the same week Mads was born- crazy week!)  I can't imagine trying to balance everything at once.... writing was so time-consuming for him!   Exciting that you start clinicals this summer.... from what some of my nursing friends have told me, I'm sure you'll be busy!  And yay for TTC plans down the road!! :)

    I'm feeling really good overall.... exhausted by the end of the day and some aches and pains here and there, but really I can't complain about this pregnancy at all.  Thanks for asking :)  We're getting really excited and slightly terrified at the same time now that her (you were right) is getting close!  Thanks for the compliments on Mads hair... she's getting so big and so funny it's ridiculous.  She has NO clue whatsoever that she's getting a sister soon... that concept is way over her head... it'll be very interesting to see how things go once Lily arrives.

    How is school going for you?  Any new projects/updates on your new place?

  • and sorry mine got long too
  • Midland is about 3.5hrs away from me. 

    School for me is fine, just kinda jumping through the hoops. I have 2 more exams then I have 4 weeks off! Yay! Next quarter should be easier since I only have one class.

    No new projects right now on our place. We kind of have to get back on track financially before we can tackle anymore projects.  Our next projects will be finishing the master bathroom and replacing carpet in the bedrooms. We really don't want to do the carpet though until Cooper gets older, since he still has occasional accidents.

    I was going to take pictures today of the condo but I forgot. I WILL do it tomorrow while finishing up DH's countdown calander. Cassidy is going to kick me if I don't. 

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