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Ugh...still nauseous... when will it stop?

Anyone who has had the crud lately, chime in please....

After my (possible spider-bite caused) neck infection and random virus (that felt like, though tested negative for) strep of the past couple weeks, I am *still* nauseous. 

(Possible TMI Warning)

I'm not doing the full-on toilet hugging all day, but feel nauseous 90% of the time.  I've been actually vomiting 2-3 times daily since probably Monday.  I thought the nausea was related to the ibuprofen (my lower back is also out & in severe pain) but I've had no pills today and am still nauseous, even vomited.   I've also been incredibly drained of energy - I actually drifted off while LG was in his chair watching a movie.

So, anyone who has had the random virus / crud lately... how long did your symptoms last?



Re: Ugh...still nauseous... when will it stop?

  • It seemed to last a full week for both DD and DH.  DD vomited off and on for a few days.  Even now, almost 2 weeks later she still sometimes tells me her tummy hurts, or will wince/cry and grab her stomach.  DH never vomited, just had a really upset stomach, but it was a week for him too.

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  • I was puking all Monday night, pretty lousy yesterday.  Stuck to crackers and ginger ale yesterday. Ate a sandwich today. Still not up for eating whatever I want, but don't feel nauseaus all day long.

    Just thinking about little G here, but no chance you're PG, right?

  • image schoolsoutbride:

    Just thinking about little G here, but no chance you're PG, right?

    Lord, no.  I can't even imagine that right now.  Indifferent

    Plus, I just had AF 2 weeks ago.



  • You are so freaking pregnant!
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