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weightlifters- help needed

So I have put more emphasis on running lately and I am training for a half marathon in Feb. This means that I haven't had the time for as much lifing. My running coach has suggested that because I am running 4/d a week and cross training (cardio, swimming etc) on another day I should be limiting my lifting to upper body. So on my yoga day I am going to include some upper body lifting. I did last night and even though it hasn't been that long of a break I could really see a diffrence in my strength. So last night I did bench pressing oly bar only 10x2, YWTLs 5# 8x3, shoulder presses 20# 10x2 10# 10x1 and 30 back extensions and 10 push ups.


Wdyt? Any ideas? I wish I had the time for at least 2 weight days but I dont' think I will. I thought maybe I could plan on doing at least 10 push ups each day. 


Re: weightlifters- help needed

  • I haven't had time to make it to the gym lately so I've been doing some kettlebell workouts from home instead. There's lots of YouTube videos out there so I just learned some upper body moves and make up my own 10-20 minute circuit I can do when I wake up.

    Pushups are great too. I did the 100 pushup plan over the summer and was really happy with it.

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  • I've always found that I have to drop down the number of days I'm lifting while I train for a race, but that the strength comes back relatively easily once I get that third day back in.  If you were doing upper body twice a week and are down to once, it's not like you're going to wither away.

    I just do the same upper body work as always, but one less time a week.  It will come back when you can put your focus on it again.  Continue to make sure you're pushing yourself during your strength work outs, but don't get to the point feel guilty if you don't make it so you can't lift your arms on that day.

  • What do you like better, cross training or weight lifting? Endurance benefits from resistance training, so in my opinion, you don't necessarily need the extra cardio from cross training, especially since you're running 4x/wk. And I know runners usually want to "save" their legs and only lift upper, but you'd benefit from a simple full body program twice a week. 
  • I was still doing full body lifting for my first 1/2, but wasn't shooting for PR's on leg stuff. Just maintaining. After I quit the gym, my good intentions to keep up lifting 2x a week fell by the wayside, but I still did upper body and occasional leg work like walking lunges, plie squats, Bulgarian split squats, and deadlifts. Since running is quad dominant, I wanted to make sure my posterior chain was still getting some attention.

    In terms of upper body work, if I am short on time I just do a few sets of push ups. If I have more time, I do shoulder presses, dumbbell rows, and bench pressing.

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