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Planned eating / exercise for Wednesday

B: 2 eggs scrambled with hot sauce and tomato slices, women's one a day vitamin, coffee with gingerbread creamer
S1: banana
L: salad (romaine lettuce, baby carrots, red onion, mushrooms, raw sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, hormel grilled chicken, raspberry walnut vinaigrette), apple
S2: plain chobani, granola bar
S3: roasted, unsalted almonds
D: baked turkey egg rolls and asian crunch salad

E: Power90 Master Series - UML


Re: Planned eating / exercise for Wednesday

  • great minds think alike!

    E1: 6 mile run

    post run: 4oz skim milk w/ 1 scoop protein powder

    B1: medium DD 1/2 reg 1/2 decaf coffee w/ cream

    B2: oats w/ blueberries, cinnamon & honey

    L: salad w/ spinach, romaine, hb egg, black olives, green peppers, mushroom, carrots, cucumber, croutons & a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, pink lady apple

    S: banana, pink grapefruit or an orange

    E2: Yoga

    D: chicken parmesan, garlic bread, veggie of some sort

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    2012: Running & Race Accomplishments:

    2-12-12: Riverview Winter Fest 4 mile, 34:59 8:45 pace - 23 weeks pregnant
    2-29-12: Leap Year 4 mile, 36:45 9:11 pace - 25.5 weeks pregnant
    3-11-12: Corktown 5K, 28:33 9:13 pace - 27 weeks pregnant
    3-25-12: Rock CF Island Half Marathon, 2:11:03 10:00 pace - 29 weeks pregnant
    4-16-12 Boston Marathon, deferring to 2013
    8-11-12: Run thru Hell 10 mile or 4.8 mile
    9-30-12: Brooksie Way Half Marathon
    10-21-12: Grand Rapids Marathon
    11-22-12: Detroit Turkey Trot 10K

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  • B: coffee, Kashi bar, yogurt

    S: apple, granola bar

    L: leftover pizza

    S: dried cherries & sunflower seeds

    E: 3-4 mile run

    D: TBA, probably chicken, cous cous, and a veggie

    Karen 7.28.07

    Running on the Rhode

    I hate you very much
  • CrossFit  and at least 1 Running Streak mile
  • E: Rest day, yay!

    B: 2 hard-boiled eggs, coffee, banana

    L and afternoon snacks: Quinoa pilaf (2 servings to make it a hearty meal), Greek yogurt, carrots w/ hummus, pear, tangerine, Kashi granola bar

    D: Going out to dinner with friends, so likely a veggie burger and some fries

  • B: Almond shake with protein powder and frozen blueberries. Sadly half of it did not stay in my stomach due to my hacking up a lung :(

    L: Leftover chicken apple sausage lasagna that DH made last night. It's very YUM.

    S: No idea, maybe something from the vending machine. We have a meeting from 2:30-?

    D: Whatever DH is making.

    E: Frantically cleaning and scrubbing the house from top to bottom because my dad is flying in tomorrow. 

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  • B: 2 eggs, ww bagel thin w/butter, orange juice, and hot tea w/honey.

    S: granny smith apple and some dates. 

    L: romaine salad w/celery, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, craisins, sunflower seeds, hard boiled egg, oil and vinegar. 

    S: cup of veggie soup.

    D: inside out lasagna, steamed veggie.

    E: rest day.  decorating the tree tonite!!

  • B: yogurt and granola, tea

    S: clementines, airpopped pop corn

    L: half tuna sammie, greek salad

    S: apple, carrots, cheese stick

    D: homemade low fat chicken and avocado enchiladas

    E: 30 minutes speedwork, upper body strength 

  • B: 2 scrambled eggs, coffee w/ splenda

    S1: peanuts and raisins

    L: Kashi w/ milk, babybel cheese

    S2: Apple

    D: Kungpao chicken (not-fried, homemade)

    E: If I get out of work in time, 3-4 mi run. If not, light cardio and strength training at home.

  • B: crustless quiche with spinach and swiss; tea latte

    L: leftover chicken cordon blue; spinach salad with blue cheese and vingairette

    S: pineapple Greek yogurt

    D: might be meeting up with a friend so I'm not sure

    E: class at the kettlebell gym or a short run if I don't meet up with the friend 

    Jersey Girl Triathlon 8/7/11

  • B: smoothie (almond milk, yogurt, banana, blueberries)

    S1: Can of V8

    L: small salad (romaine, arugala, grape tomatoes, cucumber, blasamic vinaigrette), turkey and hummus on high fiber english muffin

    S2: pretzels with tzatziki

    S3: fat free strawberry chobani with some granola

    E: gym, maybe elliptical for 45 minutes

    D: Boca chik'n burger on sandwich thins, fat free refried beans and some tortilla chips

  • B: oatmeal with protein powder & coffee

    S: protein bar & hot tea

    L: peanut butter & natural strawberry jam on whole grain bread & grapes

    S: carrots & greek yogurt

    D: not sure yet.

    E: rest day

  • B: Honey bunches of oats w/ almonds in 1% milk; coffee w/ milk and sugar

    L: Leftover lightened chicken parm (only 1 small piece, DH went back for seconds last night!) w/ ww penne w/ marinara and broccoli; lowfat vanilla yogurt

    S: Chewy Kashi bar if needed

    D: Turkey and 3 bean chili w/ cornbread (used applesauce instead of oil) and cheese

    E: Either rest or a short run

  • B: bagel thin w/pbj, hot tea

    L: cheese sandwich, leftover baby peas, pear

    D: pasta that we didn't eat last night

    S1: ww crackers

    S2: 1/2 Clif Bar

    E: 60 minute trainer ride w/interval

  • I'm a little late joining in today.

    B: Whole Wheat Waffles, Coffee, String Cheese

    S: Mixed Nuts

    L: Glazed Chicken and Wild Rice

    S: Orange, Grape Tomatoes, Turkey Pepperoni

    D: Abiesioli

    E: Cross Training (30DS)

  • B: oatmeal w/ walnuts, dried cranberries; and black coffee

    L: 1/2 turkey sandwich on ww tuscan bread & 1/2 mini salad w/ romaine, cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing; gala apple and ww cinnamon graham crackers

    S: raspberry chobani

    E: stationary bike and strength training

    D: tandoori chicken, 1/2 piece of tandoori nann bread, and apsaragus or another veggie (DH wanted to try a few new dishes so I'm hoping the light sour cream/tandoori spice mixture marinates the chicken well and it all tastes good)


  • B: WW bagel w/cream cheese, cofee w/creamer

    S1: cuties (2)

    L: cobb salad w/all the fixings

    S2: birthday cake (co-workers b-day)

    D: lemon chicken breast, brown rice, steamed broccoli

    E: depends on the fog, if it lifts, run outside afterwork (I don't mix zero visibility fog + darkness) if fog is still here, dreadmill!

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