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Clementines at Christmas

Does your country (home or adopted) do clementines as a Christmas food?

I had never heard of such a thing in the U.S..  And now every Christmas I eat my weight in them in the month of December.

Lurve clementines at Christmas! 


Re: Clementines at Christmas

  • I. Live. In. Spain.


    Tomaaaaaaaaaaaa! (As they would say here). The clementines make the financial crisis worth it! Wink DH and I should tally the amount we spend on clementines (and the weight) each year, starting in October and probably going until March.

  • love me some clementines! I have been chowing them down for the past two days. We ate them in TX in the winter as well though
  • Actually yes, and I LOVE them!
  • I should make clear I had heard of clementines growing up in the U.S.  Just not the idea of them as a special Christmas food.
  • My father-in-law grows clementines and oranges in southern Italy. Their country house is right on the orchard. DH refuses to eat anything but these ones.

    Cape Town, South Africa
  • They make me very happy! I look forward to them every year. 
  • They were special Christmas food when I was growing up. I also remember from The Little House on the Prarie books (shut up) that their big Christmas treat and the only gift they really got was an orange.
  • image Publius:
    They were special Christmas food when I was growing up. I also remember from The Little House on the Prarie books (shut up) that their big Christmas treat and the only gift they really got was an orange.

    I got my hands on some "questionable" sources for the digital version of the Little House books just before last Christmas. I love that series. I'm on the waiting list for the digital copy of a book a women wrote recently about following the trails Laura's family went on.

    I always got a box for St. Nicks. Last year we would eat tons. I haven't got any yet because i haven't really seen them on sale. 

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  • I grew up in a place where there were very few Christians around (hence Christmas is not celebrated), so I can't really answer your question.

    But DH grew up in the Soviet Union, and he said clementines were typical "new year present" when he was a kid (as they apparently didn't celebrate Christmas either).

  • There are getting popular in the US. I love them. For me they are definitely a Xmas food. So good, low calorie and easy to bring along for a snack.
  • We didn't have them growing up, but I didn't like oranges then, either. In Germany they're really popular as an Advent food. DH always gets clementines and nuts for Advent Sunday afternoons and evenings. I find it really depends on the bunch. Sometimes they're so good I could eat the whole bag at once, and sometimes I'll eat one out of the bag and leave the rest to him. But yeah, Christmas food, definitely.

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  • I never thought of them as a Christmas food, but definitely something to make winter a bit brighter! Love clementines, like a healthy candy!
  • We always had them in our stocking with nuts and candy and gifts.  But I could eat clemintines throughout the year.
  • Italy (at least southern) is mad for the xmas clementines.  AND as a bonus I just (after living here for 2+yrs) noticed we actually have a clementine tree!!!

    I used 'em in the gluhwein I made 2wks ago for a (pre) Thanksgiving party.

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