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Shower cleaner?

I've got soap scum that I can't seem to get rid of.  I hate to use abrasive cleaners.  Does anyone have a tried and true natural cleaner that they can recommmend. I'm also open to making my own.
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Re: Shower cleaner?

  • junojuno member
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    My very close second on cleaning soap scum is either Dr. Bronner's soap or regular dish soap.  It cuts through grease (soap scum) pretty well with a scrubber.

    But my absolute favorite is the bathroom Magic Eraser.  It's sooooo easy.  It seems like there's not too much cleaner in there; I think the pad does most of the work.  This is one of only one or two commercial cleaners I still use, it's that much better/easier.  It's never scratched my glass or porcelain using it once a week or so.

    I've read so many times that squeegee-ing will prevent it, but in my experience, that's bullsh!t.  We squeegee every drop of water after every single shower and it still builds up.  I use bar soap, so that might be one reason, but I'm not giving it up.

  • Another vote for Magic Eraser. I've tried lots of cleaners such as borax and vinegar but Magic Eraser takes the soap scum off right away.
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  • Salt+baking soda works wonders (i use it in the oven, too).  Also great for soap scum is the green scrubber sponges. 
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  • I also love Magic Clean Eraser.  Not natural, but it works great for me. If you have shower doors...try using a squeegie after every use. Maybe it depends on the shower...the type of water, the products being used etc  But it really can help.  My MIL was having a terrible time keeping up with the soap scum in their shower and it was a lifesaver for her when she started using one.
  • Magic Clean Eraser is awesome.  Also, this is not natural, but regular shampoo does wonders to get rid of soap scum.  I used this on my shower doors and it got rid of scum that vinegar and other cleaners did not.
  • Another vote for the Magic Eraser.  I just finally caved and bought one this week after trying multiple other options with no results.  Nothing has worked like the ME.

  • I swear by baking soda and vinegar for any kind of buildup, and it will also clean out and deoderize your shower drain. There is enough grit to it to clean with but usually does not scratch the surface. The vinegar smell will go away as it evaporates.
  • You guys do not want to know what is in those Magic Erasers.....
  • image Jen&Joe06:
    You guys do not want to know what is in those Magic Erasers.....

    Oh gosh, I need to know. 

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