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Extension on education poll:

The post on expected education level made me think of a conversation I had with some friends this weekend regarding private and public school, what we would choose for our (hypothetical) kids and why.

Here many people put their kids in private schools, even though some of these are extremely expensive. All of these friends are from different countries so it was interesting to hear what their views were and what they would have chosen had they stayed in their home country compared to what they would choose here.

So, I turn the question to you: What kind of school do you (would you) send your kids to, private or public? Why? What is the norm in the country where you are living? Would you have made this same decision if you lived in your native country? 

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Re: Extension on education poll:

  • I live near the French/Costa Rican private school, so I'm pretty sure that's where my kids will go. I think it would be great for them to go to a bilingual school, even though they'll learn French at home (I'm thinking writing and grammar won't be covered a lot at home). Also, from what I've heard, public schools here aren't that great, there's not enough funding going towards schools unfortunately. Of course, I plan on researching this in more detail when I actually have kids ;)

    If I lived in the States or in France, I don't think I'd send my kids to private school though. I think public schools there are very good and it would make no sense to pay for private.  

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  • What kind of school do you (would you) send your kids to, private or public? Why? What is the norm in the country where you are living?

    Milo will attend a public school and that is the norm where we live.  We chose this village because the surrounding schools are excellent, but there is one that I am quite desperate for him to get into.  It's the only one of its kind in England - don't want to say too much as it's quite googleable!  We chose the preschool he currently attends because it feeds into this school, so fingers crossed! 
    Would you have made this same decision if you lived in your native country? 


    UK mums, have you done your admissions registration yet?  I did ours on the 1st of November, and now have an agonizing 5-6 month wait until we're told where he'll be going next year.

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  • We plan on putting our children into public schools, unless we live somewhere with horrible public education and kids getting shot daily.  In that case, private.  But, both DH and I were in public schools and liked it quite a bit, so we'd like to do the same for our children.

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  • I think DD will be going to the local P.S. here in NY next fall.  It's very close to us so we can walk, and it's supposedly one of the best in the city, so we are very lucky.  Of course, there is a wait list some years, but hopefully it will work out.  DD is in a private Pre-K now which is wonderful and she is very coddled there, so it may be a shock to her next year being amongst so many more kids in a class, etc. and much longer days.

    We are also considering private as a secondary choice just in case - but they require tests, essays by the parents, and a whole lot of $$$ (35K+) so yeah, not going to happen, but would like to have one plan B in place just in case there is a wait list at the PS...  It's extremely competitive here in the city, and quite daunting. It's actually stressed me out beyond belief.

  • The public system is very good in France, however the public school where we would have had to send M isn't great, so we decided to go the private route.

    So far we are happy with it and once he finishes at this school (at around 10 yo) he has a guaranteed place at the private middle and high school here that is ranked among the best schools in France. We also like that his school starts English classes in kindergarten.

    If we move to another nearby town, we would most likely switch him to public, depending on the school.

    If we were still in Vietnam, we would have sent him to the French International school and if we were in Canada, most likely public French Immersion.



  • I've always figured our kids would attend public school (assuming we still live in the US at that point). I don't really want minibini attending the school system where we currently live (which is also where I teach) but we wouldn't have to move far to live in a pretty well-regarded district--there are several in this area. 

    If we lived in Ethiopia we would for sure do private school. Honestly, only the very poor there send their kids to public schools. In the UAE we would have to do private school also. Not only are the public schools there horrible, they're not open to non-citizens. 

  • I am not sure what we do if were still in the UK. DH went to private school but his sister didn't.

    We will likely do private school. We are really struggling with this, I want to believe in public school and support our neighborhood school but at the end of the day the state I live in is ranked very, very low in the US in education, and if we can financially provide a better education I think we should, and so we probably will. 

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  • I've been telling DH that we can either live somewhere fun and cheaper and send DS to a private school or we live somewhere with boring with rich people and send him to a public school. I think I'd feel the same if we went back to the UK, although private schools seem to be waayyyy more expensive there.
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  • DS will most likely go to public school here.  We are zoned for pretty good schools in the  neighborhood we are living.  I think there is quite a mix of kids that go to public and private schools, and we even have some government subsidized private schools around.  I don't know much about the school system here yet; it's definitely on my list of things to look into soon.

    If we were still in the SF Bay area, our kid would probably go to private school.  DH grew up where were living, and he is private school kid.  I was a public school kid, but I think the area where I grew up had a better public school system.

  • Whether we settle in the US or Canada, our kids will go to public schools.
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  • Otto is already enrolled in a private high school, you have to do it really quickly in Australia.  We only enrolled him in one because they charge a fee and we aren't exactly sure where we will be living.  For primary school he will go to a private Montessori school until age 9 then the public school in our area, we don't have middle school and the public primary feeds into the private high school a lot.

    Our area at home has some really good public high schools, but both DH and I went to private secondary/high schools and feel that there are some added bonuses to going that way. 

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  • It depends upon where we will be. If we're in Geneva when our currently nonexistent kids start school we'll probably send them to the local public schools. We'll be sending them to an international school when they are older though to make it easier to apply to universities wherever they might like to go. If we're still in Asia when they start school we'll probably be sending them to a French international school so that it isn't a major shock when we move back to Geneva.
  • Our kids are going to private international schools (DD is in an American school, DD in a British preschool).  We did not choose the local public schools because 1) they are taught in Cantonese and 2) I don't like their style of teaching.  The teaching style is very much rote learning and "encourgagement" by humiliation.  As a very basic example, they pubically post the names of the kids who aren't doing well vs posting the names of the kids who are doing well (such as an honor-roll).  I also prefer a different balance of academics vs non-academic subjects/opportunites in the classroom. 

    The norm here for expats is either private international school or a semi-private English-language school (we applied here, but there were no spots available).

    When we were in the US our plan was to send the kids to our local Catholic parish school until 5th or 8th grade. Then they would go to a private prep school.  Pretty much the same plan as here, but we've been forced to start the private school route sooner than planned.

  • We're in our native country and can see ourselves staying here but may move within the city to another area if we buy a house (couldn't really afford to buy in the parish we're renting in)

    It will depend on the kids in one way.  Where we live now there are no nearby private junior schools for girls, they are all public.  So, N's name is already down for the local parish girls school and we will put her name down for another one next year (they don't take names until they are nearly 2 and its the one I went to!).  If we had a boy in the future there is a private junior school available though he would start in the local national school first and possible move to the private one, depending on how he was getting on.

    For secondary, we would consider widening the catchment area to include a private school for N, though the secondary school nearby is the one I went to and it is not private.  More private options for boys in the area in secondary schools too.

    For me class sizes are important - I had 40+ in my class in public primary school and at the moment teacher:pupil ratios are at 28 though I'm thinking this could rise in the next couple of years.  Obviously, private schools would have a lower ratio.

    DH didn't get on well in primary school (public) and feels quite strongly about it - feels that his dad should have done something about it at the time as he is still poor at maths and he blames his teachers for not being able to spend time helping him.

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  • It all depends on where we live.  We have great public schools where we live in the US.  If I get my way and we move back to TX, we'll pick where we live based on the schools.  In some places, like Dallas, I would never put my kids in the public schools.  
  • I don't think private is a financial option for us regardless of where we live. DH and I both went to public school until high school. I spent a couple years at a private Jewish high school when I was having difficulties at public school and DH went to a college prep private school for all of high school.

    Obviously, if our kids are struggling or our plans change dramatically (I honestly have no idea where we plan to 'settle') we'll have to revisit this but for now the plan is public school all the way. I would love to send our kids to a Montessori school (my friend was a teacher at one and I loved everything about it) but I don't think we'll be able to do that if our lives stay the same as they are now.

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