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Mondays suck

I already have a wicked sinus infection, and took yesterday off. Now, thanks to a snot induced migraine, and hardly any voice, I'm taking today off. I feel bad about doing it, though, as we're already to a smaller staff because of the holiday coming up. Plus there's still a lot I need to do around here for getting ready to leave on Wednesday for DH's parents...all I want to do is go to bed.

Also, my head is so packed I can't hear hardly anything. 

Re: Mondays suck

  • Uck!  Have you tried a Neti Pot or a Saline Sinus Spray?  Those are the only things that clear my head for sinus infections.  I still use the old Sudafed formula too since it's the only one that works.  You just have to sign for it at the pharmacy counter.  I get them all the time.  Hope you start feeling better!
  • I'm on a Zpac (will be done with it tomorrow - if I ever remember to take today's pill), and have been using a saline solution for a while. My mom & grandma are bound and determined to put this whole thing on Lola (if you didn't have a cat, you wouldn't have this problem, blah blah blah).

    Even worse note for today, I found out my MIL/FIL's dog passed away a few days ago. A month ago, one of the cats ran away, and a few days later they had to put the other cat down (had cancer and just general old age). Now Macy's gone. This Thanksgiving is going to be such a blast...

    I'll try the sudafed. I think we've got some around here somewhere. Thanks for the tip!


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