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Suggestions needed please!

Ok i need help with Christmas gifts for an 11year old girl.  Long story short, her mother is no longer in the picture and her father has a serious illness that is keeping him from finding a job.  She is my Cousins kid and we are trying to help her have a nice Christmas. Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Suggestions needed please!

  • What are her hobbies and interests?
  • Arts & crafts kit, jewelry making kit, games, books, iPod shuffle with iTunes gift card, a nice outfit from whatever store is popular now with kids

  • Shes a major tom boy, her interesys are all over the place.  she likes animals, Twilight, WWE, and sports.
  • LOL ok so ignore the suggestion for a jewelry kit or a nice outfit.

    How about tickets to a game for one of her favorite sports teams? Or a jersey of her favorite player? Twilight books if she doesn't already have them.

  • lol,  clearly i dont have much expierience with kids gifts, at what age to certain kids toys become lamegifts? 
  • Does she have basics like socks and underware, espcecially under garments appropriate for a girl her age? It seems silly but I wouldn't overlook because she'd love it if he didn't have some propper items.

    For fun, I'd fill a back pack with fresh, new items she can tote and play by herself like puzzles, books, card games, a lego kit. If you buy her anything fancy that requires electricity make sre you buy the recharable battery pack and plug-in option, too. She may not access to batteries in the future.

    My darling daughter just turned 4 years old.
  • Here are a few things that my twin, 10 year old nieces love.

    1. Anything Twilight related.
    2. Anything from Justice (they LOVE clothes) they have 40% off coupons most of the time and this week they are running a big deal everyday on their website).
    3. Nintendo DS and games
    4. IPOD
    5. One of my nieces loves to read
    6. Almost anything from Claire's
    7. Netbook computer (the one that they have is not expensive, my sister got it last year on black Friday and got an unbelievable deal.)
    8. Arts and crafts
    9. Journal or diary
    10. Gift cards to Justice, Claire's, Toys R Us or Wal-mart (Most girls love to do their own shopping at this age.) 
    11. Board games
    12. Jewelry (both of my neices have pierced ears, but love rings, bracelets and necklaces too.)

    Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~ Elizabeth Stone
    "Don't marry a man unless you would be PROUD to have a son exactly like him." ~ Unknown
  • I actually live that idea of a tote filled with a bunch of little things she could enjoy and maybe some basics. Thats a great idea. Thank you.
  • Pnk those are some good.ideas too!
  • Does she like to read?  I loved getting books at that age.  Or any age, really.
  • she doea like to read, she read the twilight books, i just want to stay age appropriate. 
  • My nearly 11 y/o is loving the Hunger Games trilogy (kinda dark but not as grown up as Twilight).  She also wants itunes gift cards, American Girl magazine subscription, a guitar, a microscope (she loves science). 
  • Movie night- get passes to a local movie theatre, a GC to a local pizza place, fill a basket full of candy and snacks and take her and her friends out to a show.

    Shopping spree- get GCs to a few of her favorite stores and take her to the mall for an afternoon of shopping.

    Zoo/amusement park/water park passes.

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