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Flame-free Thursday Flame-free Friday sounds better, but I don't care. Randoms? Confessions? Vents?

My house smells A-MAZING! I currently have 2 pork loins, roasted red taters & mac & cheese cooking. It is making me VERY hungry!

Tonight will be the first night to sleep in our new bed and I cannot wait! I have slept on the couch or recliner for the past 6 weeks becase our bed was killing my back.

My SIL is completely p!ssing me off re: Christmas. We usually go in together on gifts for the parents. My mom wanted a Kindle and I wanted the Kindle I talked to my SIL and we decided to just get mom the Fire. She told me to order a case and whatever else was needed with it. I got a case for $39 and a 2 year warranty for $50. I also got my dad to go in with us too since he said that he didn't have any ideas....well now SIL says that "they" will only pay 1/3 of the actual Fire. Really? WTF? I guess that my dad can give her the case and Cooper can give her the warranty. GRRR!

I am almost done Christmas Shopping!! I need to get a laptop for the IL's on Black Friday (not just from us...from H's bro & sis too)

I am completely and totally burned out! I have been working a hellish work schedule and the proposal goes to the client tomorrow morning. I cannot wait! I don't cry at work...EVER, but did 2x in the past 2 weeks.  I know that another one is right around the corner, but I need a tiny bit of down time.

I have a 2nd opinion at UNMC on Monday and I am slightly freaking out about it.

Re: Flame-free Thursday

  • I wish Black Friday was now. I am sooo excited. I went to Kohls the other day and saw a ton of stuff I want but trying to hold off until it is on sale better.

     I am hosting Thanksgiving for my immediate family this year and I'm really excited to cook.And even more excited I don't have to see any of DH's family that day!

    DH's dad had surgery and his mom is acting like he is dying. Seriously it wasn't that big of a deal.I'm hoping to not have to talk to her much until Christmas or I might explode.


  • image CoriA:

    I have a 2nd opinion at UNMC on Monday and I am slightly freaking out about it.

    I hope you are happy with the Dr. you will be seeing and they help get you answers.  Although they frustrated me when I worked with them, they are all very talented Docs and I highly respect them for their knowledge.

    And if they ever have to assign you to a House Officer, please let me know who first because some of them are good and some...not so much.

  • I called the boys' new daycare center today to get set up for January. It's a good thing the price wasn't negotiable because I was all, "I want them to go there! Sign me up now!" The lady encouraged me to come actually see the place first. Smile Then I was on the phone with DH and jokingly said I wish we didn't have to wait 7 weeks and why weren't the boys more premature- haha. Uh, Nik, it's national premature awareness month. Premies aren't funny. Oops, insensitive, but they make art projects at the new daycenter! I'm going to get little handprint pictures for the fridge! WOOHOO!

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  • I am going to chop my hair off here in about 45 minutes.  So sick of it.

    Someone hit my vehicle with their vehicle- HUGE dent in the side of my rear side panel.  The only places I was with my vehicle has been work, daycare and pre-school.  I think it's karma for the time I accidently door dinged a car (it was a big scratch and it was totally an accident) and didn't leave a note.  I still feel guilty about it.

    Good luck on Monday J, I hope it goes in favor of what you want to do next or helps you decide.


  • I want to breastfeed due to obviously reasons and my dh wants me too and I understand the pros about it, just not sure about it. There are a few jobs open now that I would like to apply for but to save them and Itime I'm not going to even though I really need/want a new job!
  • I am just going to keep chanting.... "I am thankful that I have a job" over and over to talk myself off the ledge right now. Even though I want to say so much more.....
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  • A friend and I had a falling out over something that was not in her control but it was the way everything went down. Her DH FB messaged me asking me to fix it because she's completely sad and lost with out me. I get it I miss my friend but.... I just  am not at a place I can let it go  yet.  I feel so bad about it but I don't often take time like this to really work through something that hurt me. I usually just let it go. We've been through worse and I know that we will patch it up. Sorry Bestie but this one's a little bigger than you.

    I have the worst cramps ever and I just want Pepper jax for dinner. Yum.

    My DH started a new job and I'm so proud of him. I hope he loves it  and this company realizes how brilliant he is and takes him to the top!

    I'm applying for a new job at work. People keep telling me that I have this "in the bag" and that an interview would just be a formality. At first I had a apply and see what happens attitude but now... I really really really want the job. I hope it works out in my favor. I'm sad to have to leave my current boss though...

    My brother is a good person. He's 7 years younger than I am and sometimes when I take a step back and realize what an amazing man he's becoming and how strong he is. It makes me swell up with pride and tears that he's my brother. I think that Creighton Prep really shaped him and helped him turn out like he did because he is not your typical good student. I would send a future son to Prep based on him. I don't have the same feeling about my own high school. I loved it and it's a great school I just don't feel like it helped me like Prep helped him.

    I have had dishes sitting in my sink since Tuesday.... and I don't plan on doing them until tomorrow. (gross I know)

    I want to  be pregnant in the worst way. I'm ready to start our family. I realize it will happen when it's right and blah blah blah and we are never given more than we can handle but.... seriously... I'm ready for it to be time to happen.

    Our Fur-babies!
  • I am honestly thinking about re-homing my dog.  She is a 2.5 year old german shepard/lab mix and was great until the baby came.  She is great with the baby but she just needs too much attention.  Today she crapped in my dining room for no reason.  She went out 30 min earlier and gave me no warning. I know its for attention but I just cant handle it.  I want to give her to someone so bad.  I feel awful because I knew it was a responisbility but I dont have the attention she needs with Hadley here.  My husband says to take her to the pound or call his friend that has mentioned taking her.. I just can't do it even though I'm so angry. 
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  • I am so stressed out right now, all I want to do is sleep... our little B was up puking all night and i'm exhausted.  I called in to work, they weren't nice. I am starting a new job the week after thanksgiving, hosting thanksgiving at my place for my dad's extended family on black friday, Going out of town this weekend for an over night trip that my husband has told his dad and single brother that they can ride with us and stay in our hotel room. I just want some downtime...
  • I love my new job.
    I'm more than slightly ticked tat my mom dint call/text/send a card/facebook/tweet or otherwise tell me happy birthday yesterday.
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  • I want my sweet little boy back.  This "thing" that's invaded my house is whiny, screams a lot, refuses to listen to anyone and is a monster most of the time.  He was sick last Friday/Saturday but his sleeplessness and attitude are still lingering.  He's just plain awful right now.

    Daycare is pushing us to put Evan in underwear b/c he stays dry most of the day there.  Well, he doesn't at home and he wakes up wet every morning and after every nap (even at DC) so, IMO, he's not ready.  Plus, I'm not ready.  I think the baby will be here too soon to have E fully PT and I don't want to deal with a regression.  Maybe I'll get him some trainers and send them.  She can do what she wants.

    There are days I also want to re-home our dog.  He's sweet most of the time but there are days, like yesterday, where he's just a freaking spaz who won't calm down.

    * DS1...allergic to dairy, peanuts, eggs and turkey *
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    love is for every her, love is for every him, love is for everyone
  • The first time I left the house....the living room....this week was last night to go to Breaking Dawn... it sucked.  It was a total let down for my only evening out of the house.

    I'm 38 weeks.  I have never, ever seen this number before... craziness.

    I am scared sh!tless about having surgery some time in the next seven days


    I am sooo over my mom begging me to ask my (loser) brother to Thanksgiving.  If she is so worried about him and his drug dealing kids having plans next week, then maybe she should take them with her to Thanksgiving in Alliance.  What part of "I don't want to entertain a house full of people the day before I have a kid" does she not get....


    **Crunchy Mama to three girlies and one little guy**

    *P 9.2005 * B 11.2007 * M 6.2009 * J 11.2011*
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