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HE versus regular laundry det. question

I recently got a GREAT deal on some 7th generation detergent. I bought 4 bottles for less than $10. Only problem was, in my stupidity, I didn't look to see if it was HE. It isn't and I can't return it. Has anyone ever used non HE detergent in their HE washe? I've read mixed reviews about this. I wanted some real life experience with this. I have a Kenmore front loader that's about 4 years old. I have used homemade detergent in it before with no problems. Thanks for any input!!!

Re: HE versus regular laundry det. question

  • I would use way less than you think. Otherwise you'll get bubbles upon bubbles and it will be hard to rinse it all out. 

    I have been lame and used regular detergent in the laudromat front loading machines and just use less. Other people have done so as well, and end up with gigantic pools of suds. 

  • If it were me, I wouldn't use it at all...I would just return it.  I just know people who have had bad experiences with reg detergent in their HE washer and it can void the warranty on your washer.  I don't know, I spent a lot of $$ on my front loader and I want it to last a looooong time.  So I don't have any problems using it as directed.

    A friend of mine was using homemade and reg detergent in her washer and it ruined it.  She had to replace it.  Just not worth it IMO.  I'm sure there are plenty of folks that say they use reg or homemade detergent and 'everything is fine'.  To each their own.

  • Since you haven't had problems with homemade detergent, you'll probably be fine just using a very small amount.  See if the manual makes any recommendation, or maybe call the manufacturers (of the detergent and the machine).  Another option is to donate it to a shelter and take the tax write off if you are worried about it.  But just using a tiny bit i would think would be fine (i've never used liquid in mine, so i don't know from experience).
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  • I would try using an incredibly small amount, like a tablespoon or two. The problem with regular detergent in a front loader is the sudsing, because it uses so little water it can't rinse it all out. If you see suds in the machine after the cycle has ended, you're using too much.
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  • I just did the same thing. I used the same amount of regular as I normally do w/ HE, and it seemed to be fine. I still feel like my clothes were clean, and I didn't have any problem w/ suds. This is in a front loading machine at a laundromat, so I don't know if that makes a difference vs. the type people tend to have in their home.
  • I wouldnt risk my machine for that little money. Donate the detergent and feel good about helping someone else. It was a great deal but not worth messing up your machine. 
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