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today's groupon....canvas

Anyone ever ordered from this company? I really like Canvas on Demand, but this is a good deal today. I have some AWESOME pictures of a little boy with his pony that I could use for this.

Re: today's groupon....canvas

  • Do I need this groupon?  I have never done the canvas ones but I am thinking it would be worth it....

    **Crunchy Mama to three girlies and one little guy**

    *P 9.2005 * B 11.2007 * M 6.2009 * J 11.2011*
  • I know nothing about that company, but after people talking about the canvas deals, I want more info on them. Like what do you do with them? Do you hang it? Is it a throw? Do you give it to your parents?

    and does anyone have a pic of one I could see?
  • Never used them, but I bought another Groupon today.

    The whole making your name out of pictures of things that look like letters.  $135 value for $65.  I got it for my parents. 

     Groupon is basically doing my Christmas shopping for me.  Winning!

  • I'm thinking about getting it because it is a GREAT price!

    Teri - it is a wrap canvas (the image wraps around the edge of the wooden frame) and then you just mount it on the wall. You can frame them, but I don't like that look at all. I can take a picture of one of my canvasas on the wall if you want. I really like them.

    Robyn....yes, you need one! :)

  • image TJ123:

    and does anyone have a pic of one I could see?

    I have a picture of one on my facebook.  It's a black and white of Ava and Lily.  Should be in one of my mobile uploads albums.

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