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~happy halloween!!!~

Good morning, happy halloween & miss you ladies!  Stick out tongue

Off to work, just wanted to jump back in the mix, haven't been around in awhile. 
Hope everyone is doing great! 


Re: ~happy halloween!!!~

  • Hey hun. 

    Happy Halloween to you too.  No special plans here.  I'll probably dress the little man up in the costume we got from a cousin just to take a few pictures.  

  • Happy Halloween!  I didn't get to dress up over the weekend (still sick), so I'm excited to dress up today for our office trick-or-treaters!  I'll post a pic tomorrow!
  • Happy Halloween to you!

    We've had two drop-offs of Halloween Treats already this morning (it's not even 10AM). I'm going to be ill. 

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  • Happy Halloween.  We don't have plans other than handing out Halloween candy (and probably eating quite a few pieces myself).
  • happy halloween! we're taking dd to see my parents and grandma in her costume, and then maybe to my brother's girlfriend's place to see them. :)
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  • Happy Halloween everyone!
  • Hey Lady!!! Where have you been? I just started going to the gym down by you. 

    Happy Halloween everyone! 


    Dx PCOS and MFI - morph 1%
    TTC #1 since 9/08
  • happy halloween!

    Me:39 Dx LPD, Fibroid, AMA and all that goes with that. H:37 Dx low motility and low morphology. TTC since 3/12. Clomid 8/12 and 9/12: BFN. 11/12 on a break for Myomectomy sched. 11/26. Resume TTC early 2013.
  • Hiie! Same to you :)
  • image BMWwife:

    Hey Lady!!! Where have you been? I just started going to the gym down by you. 

    Happy Halloween everyone! 

    Where?? Surprise In the 'dalk??   Gold's on merritt?....or wait there's planet fitness too... i forget we're so close!  

    Well, not too much new with me, I've been busy with the new job and haven't been online so much, but i missed you guys!  xox :)

  • Its the Ballys in North Point. Golds scares me and I will always see it as Giant lol

    Dx PCOS and MFI - morph 1%
    TTC #1 since 9/08
  • bally's??  is that by the walmart? 

    If so, you are close!   I'm guessing gold's was a giant prior....i could see that.  I actually belonged to the gold's awhile back & it's a pretty cool gym.  There is a movie theatre with the huge screen and its super dark, i would go hide in there and just eliptical until my butt was sore..but yes, it's kinda "meathead-ish" in there....

    Ha ha, hubby is there now, i'll have to tell him he's a "meathead' when he gets home...

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