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Old Hardwood Floors

Our house is over 100yrs old and I'm pretty sure the hardwoods have never been refinished. We are planning to sell our house this spring, and money is super tight so I don't think refinishing is an option, so I'm wondering what can I use to give the floors a good cleaning, that might also give them a bit of life?

Re: Old Hardwood Floors

  • If they are in good repair with no damage I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you want to really clean just be careful not to add too much moisture if they're not sealed. If they are sealed you can use Bona, method, or get a Shark stem mop. 
  • sweep the floors well &  wash with Murphy's oil soap.  If that is not shiny enough, apply lemon oil or other furniture oil.
  • Steaming an old hardwood floor is the best way to ruin it, unless you know for 100% sure that the seal is airtight.  

    I definitely feel for you all, because our house is 98 years old...beautiful, yes, but immensely difficult to keep clean.   

    Try sweeping, swiffering with a cloth microfiber swiffer, then using something like a Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop (this eliminates the crawling-on-your-knes-with-a-squirt-bottle-and-towel step that we all know and love.)  Just make sure you are mopping with a 1:1 ratio, so like 1 cup vinegar to 1 cup water.  It will stink for about an hour, then it will be gone, but you will see your floors like you've never seen them before.  For sticky spots, you can also always use a scrubby pad and a little soap and water, just dry it immediately, or at least every other minute or so, to avoid soaking the wood.


    Good luck! 

  • Our hardwood floors are in the same condition, 100+ year old house, never been properly refinished.  I use OrangeGlo 4 in 1 hardwood cleaner.  It makes the floors look pretty good considering the shape they are in.  It does not have a pleasant odor however so I would recommend doing it long before you have buyers come to view the house.
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