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Hardwood floor - water stains

One of my ceramic plant pots has been leaking water onto my hardwood floor (UGH!).  Is there any good solution to remove the water damage without having to sand & restain the floor?

I have already tried mayonnaise (which was recommended on a ton of websites) and it did improve a little but it's still pretty visible.

Re: Hardwood floor - water stains

  • Wiping it with a rag slightly dampened with Xylene (xylol, whatever name it goes by) (like a teaspoon over a corner, with the rag folded twice into little square) it's a paint thinner, but my husband is a violin maker, and their shop uses this to draw moisture out of old wood, and to remove old varnishes.  So it will "exfoliate" (his words, not mine :-) it will exfoliate the surface of the floor, but don't over do it.  Then you can get a wood-stain-marker set, from home depot/lowes or wherever, and color the areas most discolored.  This should hide it a little better, hopefully!  


    My dad spent 6 years watering all the plants in the house diligently, and my mom never told him that two were fake, so when we were moving all the furniture to paint those two rooms of their house, she freaked at the bright white washed out circle of damage...

  • A great tip that I just bookmarked this week ? should work on your hardwood floors too I assume.
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