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Putting an offer on a house!

DH saw a house yesterday that he thought I'd like.  I just looked at it on my lunch and we're putting in an offer!  It's not an amazing house but it's great for us.  We're not in a hurry to buy so if it doesn't work out, we won't be crushed but we'll be excited if it does work out! 

As we were standing in the kitchen talking through things with SIL (our agent Smile), DH asked me if I could see myself as a gramma in that kitchen.  I think my heart melted.  Smile 

Re: Putting an offer on a house!

  • That's awesome!  (and very sweet of your DH)  Sending lots of fairy dust your way.
    Matt loves Munkii!!!
  • Fingers crossed!
    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
  • Oh Yay!!!! Hope it works out! BTW,  where are you in the BA?
  • Awww, that was a sweet thing to say. Crossing my fingers for you.

  • Good luck!  We just bought our first house last week and moved in over the weekend!  It's so stressful, so feel free to vent to me anytime, haha! :)
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  • so... I've been dying to hear if you got it!
  • Congrats! Any updates?!
  • House update:  We withdrew our offer!

    Over the weekend we had some time to think on things more and we looked at the house again and we got to look at some friends' house as well. 

    Our friends are retiring and moving to Tanzania at the beginning of 2012.  They're starting a short sale process on their house in the middle of next month.  They wanted us to buy their house when they heard we were looking but it seemed unattainable so we didn't really look into it at first.  Due to the housing market being down in general, plus the fact that it's a 70 year old home which means it's smaller than a lot of people like, it's looking like it's a possibility.  It's slight, but still possible.

    The house we put an offer on would be a fine house for us and is on the lower end of the price range we're looking at but there was nothing special about it and I'm sure we can find something like it if our friends' doesn't work out.  Our friends' house on the other hand is an absolutely gorgeous custom home, has a big kitchen and a large lot.  We felt like we would always wonder if we didn't try.  So we're going to offer the high end of our price range and see what happens.

    The down side is we have a two month wait and we'll both have to deal with the disappointment if it doesn't work out.  The up side is if it does work out, it will honestly be our "dream home" and even if it doesn't, we won't always be left wondering if it would have worked out.  

    So I'll let you all know whenever we hear a yes or a no!  (We're hoping for a miracle.  Smile

  • I hope it works out!!!!!  Big Smile
  • image Cipolla2Be:
    I hope it works out!!!!!  Big Smile

    me too!  *haha*

  • image karma007:
    Oh Yay!!!! Hope it works out! BTW,  where are you in the BA?

    Just sent you a PM.  Smile

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