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Due to lack of knowledge on pregnancy, no precautions were taken. It got disturbed and D & C

Our marriage has taken place on May 19, 2002.  In July 2002, my wife was pregnant.  Due to lack of knowledge on pregnancy, no precautions were taken. It got disturbed and D & C was done on 08.08.2002. At the time of marriage I was 26 and my wife  19.

Since the D & C my wife had no pregnancy till date.  She has been taken to many doctors and medication taken as per their advice.  Her periods became irregular since then.  Last year once again D&C was done and some organic pieces were cleared.  But, till date there were no symptoms of pregnancy.

Kindly let us know, what could  be the problem for not getting pregnancy and is there any chance of getting pregnancy.

Re: Due to lack of knowledge on pregnancy, no precautions were taken. It got disturbed and D & C

  • Greetings ! your wife was too young for marriage and child birth when you got married. You ought to have been advised by wiser elders of the family and any doctors that attended your wedding to follow contraception till your wife grew up into a mature young woman. Due to the backward social practices most of us follow in India, scientific and medical knowledge about things as sacred as marriage, love and sex are taboo for us. Every young person of reasonable intelligence must make an effort on his/ her own and learn basic things about these things from the considerable print and on line material available on the world wide web free. And they must meet and take advise from their family doctor or other doctor having inclination and enthusiasm to advise on such matters, as most patients do not think that they need to pay for such consultation ! The parents of every groom and bride too must shoulder responsibility to ensure this. Even by marriage time parents are usually the last people to advise their own kids they love so much about these things due to the taboo and silly frame of mind we have grown up with. That is how we end up spending tens of thousands or lakhs of rupees on so many less meaningful and meaningless things before, during and after the wedding !

    And we are all blissfully un-aware and unconcerned about the many important things a young couple need to learn around this time. This brings down the value and quality of their long future in many ways.  


    Well be that as it may, whenever there is abortion, during that process certain changes can take place. For regular periods Hypothalamo pituitary ovarian axis works in a cyclical fashion. This may be disturbed after abortion, so the cycle becomes irregular. Repeated D & C are not good because basal line tissue of endometrium may get damaged permanently.


    Like any other subfertile couple- we need to investigate both of you. Even after one successful pregnancy, the system can fail at any time.

    So you better undergo the battery of investigation for both partners. Semen analysis + sperm function tests, antisperm antibody etc for man and for woman ? HSG [Hystosalpingogram]  or diagnostic laparoscopy to know uterine, tubal and peritoneal factors. Hormone analysis, thyroid profile, prolactin, base line Day3 FSH, LH, ovulation study and PCT (post coital test to know the survival of sperm in vagina and cervix), antisperm antibody etc. So with the above investigations we my be able to come to a conclusion and diagnosis. Depending upon diagnosis we start treatment i.e either only medicines and timing of intercourse (or) intrauterine insemination. We continue this treatment for 6 months. If there is no pregnancy even after 6 months treatment, we need to re-evaluate and proceed with next line of treatment .


    I advise you both to relax mentally, eat balanced diet, sleep well and take medical treatment for conception. Body and mind condition should be good for good health including reproduction.

     Please feel free to reach us

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