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NER Hair-ripping Work Vent


Okay, so, my boss was scheduled to have a conference call today with about 8 people.  Splendid.  I used her regular number.

On Monday afternoon she told me it was going to be opened up for all transactional attorneys.  That's approximately, I don't know, 500 people?  600?  But we only typically have 50 or fewer dial in and another 70 come in person to our monthly video conferences.  It was last minute and nobody was getting food or CLE credit, so we thought we'd have roughly 80 participants tops.  Still, we need to figure out a phone number.

So, I emailed a guy who helps us with that on Monday.  He doesn't respond.  Yesterday morning my boss is wondering why the invitation didn't go out yet.  A top attorney is breathing down her neck to get the invite out, so she and I decide to send it out with her regular number, and we spoke with a number of people on our side (the IT manager - top people) that they would talk with our conferencing service to try to get this to go off without a hitch.

5 minutes into the scheduled call, the emails start pouring in.  Nobody can get in.  I send out the toll-number as well.  The meeting is full.

There are 150 lines open.  It's not being recorded.  The attorneys are stressed/pissed.  My boss is stressed/pissed.  And it can't be fixed.  UGGGHHHH.

My only solace is that I'm pretty sure my boss's anger is directed at the conference system, not at me.

Re: NER Hair-ripping Work Vent

  • No fun!  I used to participate in asbestos litigation calls with probably only 100 attorneys, and when the call service had problems, the barrage of "I can't get into the call" e-mails was really annoying. I can't imaine your frustration with that many pissed off lawyers!
  • Yeah... fun times.  I printed off my correspondence for my boss to give tech.  I feel bad that she's mad at the guy who never responded to my email, but I think she's mostly annoyed at the conferencing service.

    There's one person in Chicago who's pro-that conferencing service and is annoyed because we're not using the right type or their services, but everything we've tried has been crap.

    So, we're going to go with a different carrier next week.

  • At least you are not being blamed. ?I hope your day gets better!
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