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vagina question!!

ok ladys i know its weird me asking this qiuestion but since i had my baby i dont feel the same down there i have asked my husband if my vagina feels the same and he just tell my kind of so i was waxing and i graved a mirror and looked at my vagina it looked way different then what it used too i dont know if its because i had an (episiotemy) spell check i dont know if its normal that my vagina looks weird!! any of you haveing this problem??


Re: vagina question!!

  • I completely agree. I had my son vaginally with no episiotomy but yes, I look a little different. After 2 1/2 years it doesn't look as different as it did right after I had him but I guess it is just what happens after birth..

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  • If you had an episiotomy that means you were surgically cut and stitched back together. This would leave a scar and scar tissue. That would account for feeling and looking different. Nothing to worry about.
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  • thank u ladys now i know im not the only one u guys made me feel much better!!  
  • You mean you looked at your pubic area?

    Your vagina is internal (unless you maybe have a speculum you use at home -- some women do, I heard)

    I am guessing you are referring to the hair growth pattern. Remember: post baby hormones can change things.
  • Good for you for being so open and putting this out there.  I completely agree.  I'm 7+ weeks after birth.  At 3 weeks my episiotemy came undone and I had to put hydrogen peroxide on the incision daily and used a mirror to look down there...

    To answer your question, yes, it looks different.  Even past my green light at the 6 week appointment.

     No worries.

  • Are you talking about how your vagina feels to him, or how your inner and outer labia (lips) look to you?  As far as vagina, I think it's a little looser but not noticably so.

    As for labia, they're definitely different - they got stretched and swollen as you had a baby.  I'd say they looked like deflated balloons for awhile, but gradually came back to a new normal.   

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