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Did you see this guy on X Factor?

He totally brought me to tears.

I walked down the aisle to At Last. He blew it away. 

Re: Did you see this guy on X Factor?

  • he went on right when we first tuned in. very nice voice!

    pretty good strategy, with the calculated extremely slovenly appearance red herring. everyone loves a surprise! nowhere to go but up.

    i was a little ambivalent about the boys II men quartet. i wanted to like them, and they were all so cute, but...maybe it sounded different live, but on tv their pitches sounded like they were all over the place. but it wouldn't be the first time someone was poorly mic'd on a show like that.

  • I caught a few minutes of it last night. I LOVED him.

    I also liked the kid with the cute smile and the Frank Sinatra-y voice. he was kinda douchey/overconfident and  I assumed he was going to come out and sing Bruno Mars, so hearing that voice come out of him was a pleasant surprise.

  • I really liked the recovering addict guy. He is incredibly talented.

     Too bad the show reduced itself to cheesy gimmicks like the pants guy and the ghost noises. It's a real turn-off. Just focus on the signing people, leave the gimmicks for B-rated shows.

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