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Job Update


Re: Job Update

  • YAY Groomz!  I will send vibez to your dong. 
  • groomzywooomzywoo email me the name of your new employer puhlease

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  • Oooh, yay!  I'll be sending all of my non vag tainted vibezz to you.

    I work for a huge company, and I will say that at least for us, the thing about moving you around if you're not happy is true.  They did this with me a couple of years ago and now I'm happy as a clam.  With so many job options, they'd rather you be happy and productive than quit to go elsewhere and have to invest in someone else.

    Also, even if the salary is a little lower, compare the benefits to your old jobs.  I'm sure you've done this, given the nature of your work.  But a lot of big companies have great benefits.  I could get paid a lot more to work elsewhere, but I choose to work here partly for that reason.

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  • Mod, YGM.
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