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Poll: What did you get on the SAT?

I only got like a 1000 or something low like that.

I am really bad at standardized tests. I got really great grades in college so I am not sure that the SAT is a good way to measure if a student is going to be able to handle college classes.

Okay so who is the resident genius on this board?

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Re: Poll: What did you get on the SAT?

  • 1400 something here. A kid in my class got 1600. Twice.
  • I didn't take it.


    ETA: I got a 33 on the ACT and 570/770/800 on the GRE.

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  • 1260 I think.  I did better on the ACT.  I think I got like a 30 or something.
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  • Didn't take it.  The college I went to didn't require it, so I didn't bother taking it.

    A friend made a 1600 on it but didn't get a scholarship to the one college she really wanted to go to.  She ended up going to the Sorbonne, which sounds a bit better (to my snobbish ears anyway) than saying she went to Duke. 

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  • Good God, that was like 15 years ago!  I got a1290.  My verbal score was almost double my math score.  I suck @ math.  Always have & always will.


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  • 1350 (700 verbal/650 math).    I did fine in college.  I know a lot of people who also did fine, but got lower scores than I did on the SAT, so I agree that it's not a great assessment.   For that matter, I think standardized tests in general aren't great assessment tools.
  • I took the ACT (twice) and I remember my scores, but I'm not telling due to the smarty pants ACT takers who have already replied!

    I don't know anybody who took the SAT.  ACT is how we rolled in the Midwest. 

  • We were split 50/50 between SAT and ACT in our part of the Midwest.

    I honestly have no idea what I got. I think it was 1430 (680 verbal, 750 math).

    I had to take the SAT II subject tests for a few college applications. I did Advanced Math, Physics, and Writing. I think I scored around 700 on the math, around 600 on Physics.

    The only SAT score I completely remember is my SAT II Writing score, because I pulled a perfect 800 and was (am) very proud, since English was always my worst subject (I'm terrible at literature interpretation).

  • image wise_rita:

    I took the ACT (twice) and I remember my scores, but I'm not telling due to the smarty pants ACT takers who have already replied!

    I don't know anybody who took the SAT.  ACT is how we rolled in the Midwest. 


    Agreed. I had a 27. 

  • I think it was 1380 on the SATs, and 2300ish for the GREs. But honestly, I can't remember exactly.

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  • I got a 1490.  Standardized tests have always come easily to me.  They really don't matter in my mind all that much - how you do in school and what sorts of classes you take are much more.
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  • 1450, 800 verbal and 650 math. Like Pineapple, I've always found  standardized  tests really easy. 650 didn't reflect my actual math skills at all. I probably should have gotten something more like a 400. 

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  • I'm throwing my 1160 out there.  It sucked and I took the SAT a few times...and I was really awful at it.

    Years later when I took the AFOQT for the Air Force, I scored a 91 in academic aptitude.  There was a comparison chart online for what you scored on the AFOQT in AA v. what you would've gotten on the SAT parallel.  Based on my AA scored, I should've gotten a 1390 on the SAT.

    Meh, c'est la vie.

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  • I took the ACT and the SAT, but I took them right after they changed the scoring system to out of 2400 (I think) instead of 1600 on the SAT.

     I got a 1950 on the SAT and a 28 on the ACT.  Not a genius, but not half bad imo.  :)

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  • 1380, but it was all b/c of my math score. I got so bored with the verbal sections.
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