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Work suits

I am in the market to buy a new suit.  I have some resume's out, and want to be ready for an interview.  I haven't bought a suit since I was a senior in college, and I have a little extra junk in the trunk.  What are the best store's for an affordable suit that I can get in a classic style and will last me? It will have to be a place that has petite/short styles.

I am thinking of a color besides black.  Should I do light gray or charcoal? Pinstripe?  I am not into colorful suits, but would wear a colorful shirt/shell.  Also, what shoes would you recommend?

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Re: Work suits

  • If I needed to buy a suit, I'd go to Ann Taylor. I love their work clothes. They definitely sell petite sizes. 

    I prefer charcoal over light gray...especially since it's getting a little cooler now...I think it will look more season appropriate.

    I'd say no to pinstripe, especially if you don't have that many suits in your rotation now. If you go with a solid, it's less noticeable when you repeat the outfit.

    As for shoes, I'd go with a classic black pump. Patent is always nice too.  

  • I'm fairly conservative in my interview opinion- I think you should do a black skirt suit (with hose and black, closed toe, low heels) for a first interview.  You should let your personality shine through in your shirt and accessories- that way you're conformist to a point but also different. And you can go more casual as you go on/ get a feel for the company, but you only get 1 first impression.

    I'd buy from either Ann Taylor or Banana Republic.  You may have better luck with AT because they have suiting styles in all of their pants fits.  

    My other recommendation is to buy the pants and the skirt to whatever blazer you buy- you have no idea how many times I've regretted not doing so (especially going into the winter months when it will be cold cold cold walking from the train or a car to an interview).

    ETA: I get a lot of use out of my dove gray suit- I simply like the color better on me.  For you, you should try things on and get a sense for what you like and how you want to look.  There are tons of women's suiting options- 1, 2 or 3 button blazers, fit on pants, fit on skirts, detailing including accent panels- you really have to go and shop.

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  • I agree with above on AT. NY&Co has some nice suit sets, but they seem to be less fitted. Personally, I like the way the AT suits fit better.

    I think a charcoal gray would be nice if you're not set on black. If you can, I would try to buy a blazer, pants, and a skirt. Make sure the blazer fits the skirt and pants, but then you'd have more options to rotate.

    I agree with Mary and Rach that a small heeled, closed toe, black pump is the way to go.

    As far as shirts, NY&Co has some cheeper button down options, but I prefer to get my button downs at Express. Of course you can always go with a patterned silk shell from any of the above too.

  • Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Going shopping this weekend!
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