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So... the DH and I have been together for 6 years and I am beginning to think it might be time to spice up our love life. It is currently great! I love it, he says he loves it, but we've been ttc with fertility drugs for a while now.   So, I think adding a little something to it might help alleviate the stress of hoping "the session" is the one that gets us pregnant.

Please pass along any recs.


(hides back to lurkdom)

Re: Newbie

  • Spontanaiety would help -- jump in the shower with him when he's in there.:)

    Setting up a nice hot bath for 2; try that one, also. Add some music and candles and maybe some wine and some munchies.

    Let nature take its course.:)
  • For instant spicing up, try a change of scenery. Get a hotel room for a night, or try a different room of the house. This always helps us to spice things up quickly. =)
  • I definitely agree with a change of scenery. I absolutely hate always being intimate in the same place. Kitchen table, car, outside of the back of the SUV on the top of a deserted parking deck, etc. Now, we absolutely love to rent a hotel room, or spend a night on the boat, just the two of us. But if you can't afford it, there are certainly plenty of ways to spice up things at home or out and about in public places. For those romantic scenes where it seems like the couple has invested $2,000 in candles, head to Michaels and pick-up a bag of 250 tea lights for $5. Also, a pile of cushions on the floor while enjoying a sexy movie can help set the mood. When we were TTC last year and anxiously waiting, we found that when we headed to the beach on vacation and finally got a way for a couple of days, it just happened. I think so much of conception had to do with being relaxed. Also keep in mind not talking about it so much in terms of, "its time". I think DH was so much better off when he had a few drinks, could relax away from work and home, and was ready to bang me like a rockstar. Good luck!
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  • My mom recently told me that people who have had trouble getting pregnant have had a lot of success by having sex on the full moon.  I'm not ready to try this yet, so if you do, let me know if it actually works.  lol.


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