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Creepy story, as requested

Not CD, but....

So, you want a creepy story? Here you go...

It's amazing the things strangers will tell you about their lives that you just don't want to know. While I was working for the convention, a woman (I'd say late 40's or older) asked me about the possibility of getting a "visitor's" badge for a friend of hers. I explained that we did not offer them and gave the warning that a badge or hotel room key would be required to travel amongst the hotels after a certain time (ie, no more hanging out in the lobbies to look at costumes unless you have key/badge).  It was a new security measure that was put in place after some really bad incidents last year. As I told her, unfortunately a few bad apples can ruin it for the bunch.

She goes on to say how she understands and proceeds to tell me about a fetish club that she and her SO used to go to. Apparently he would dress up as an Nazi officer and he used to get a ton of compliments. She said that one day the operators told him he couldn't wear it anymore and how upset everyone was. Oh, she went on and on about it and I honestly tuned most of it out. Being staff, I had to smile and nod and just repeated the "yeah, just a few bad apples..." while inside all I could think of was "OMG! Stop talking to me! LALALALA!"


Re: Creepy story, as requested

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