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manic monday

best and worst parts of your weekend.

Re: manic monday

  • Best: Being at the dome to cheer the Falcons on last night - what a game!!

    Worst: Finding a scorpion in our bedroom. At least it was dead, but it still has me pretty freaked out.


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  • GP - yikes!  I would be totally freaked out if I found that.

    best: better sleep from the baby.  I got 7 hours straight on friday night - I felt like a new woman!

    worst - not getting to see a friend I had hoped to catch up with.

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  • best - GT game on saturday and not doing a whole lot all weekend

    worst - my dog pooped in my car about awesome! 

  • Best: Fillini's pizza and a break from Studying Saturday Night

    Worst: Studying all weekend, working and studying some more. I feel like that is all I do and am ready to take this test and be done for a bit.

  • Best: Fun Foxhunt on Saturday, mountain bike ride on Sunday, baby shower for good friends on Saturday. Our friend looks wonderful!

    Worst: Trying to rebuild my Macbook Pro. I got everything back up except for Photoshop and one small thing. Having time to do nothing else Sunday.

  • best - UGA game on Saturday, taking Roxey to the dog park and getting my car washed yesterday

    worst - getting a migraine last night and not sleeping b/c of it.  I'm really ready to have my migrained drugs back!

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  • best: georgia winning, auburn losing, and getting my new nook! i PPH it =)

    worst: finding out my grandma had to go to the hospital, apparently saturday night she was in her pjs outside her apartment (she lives in a senior complex place) mom took her to the ER and they ran tests and didn't find anything yet, but they're keeping her for a few days. she IS it could be anything, even sleepwalking or something. 

  • Best - Seeing Wicked (for the 2nd time) on Sunday. We had better seats this time and was able to see what was going on so much better. It was fun hanging out with friends Friday night, we hadn't gone in several weeks.

    Worst - This was our weekend of restaurant fails.

    I misread the evite (and DH didn't even look at it) for our friend's b'day at Eclipse Di Luna and showed up an hour early. Ugh. We each ate just one tapa and left as soon as the band started. We were already yelling at each other just to talk and the addition of the band made it unbearable. Our friends totally understood - one couple left without even ordering it was so loud. At least now we know that having any sort of gathering there is just crazy.

    Also, Baroanda wasn't doing their Sunday brunch and was only serving the regular menu. If we had known that, we would have eaten breakfast at home and left for the matinee later. Next time I'll call the day before to find out. Going to Baroanda for brunch before a Sunday matinee is our tradition. :(

  • Best: brunch with friends, dinner at soul vegetarian 2 friday and family time yesterday

    worst: SIL was acting a bit immature and the festivals we hit up on saturday kind of blew

  • best - brunch and then a great party on Sat night.**

     worst - Braves lost on Sun and I forgot sunscreen so my chest is burned. (dammit) And I feel like I got NOTHING accomplished this weekend. Went to Whole Foods and forgot my $20 off coupon. Angry


    ** I can confirm that the "other side of the track" is effing expensive. The host got verbose as the beer started to kick in. He said this summer for June/July/Aug he's shelled out $3000 PER MONTH to the city or ATL for water. OBV there's something wrong, but dayum.

    Its also a very nice and large house smack in the middle of very normal homes. So its kinda this huge monstrosity that doesn't fit. So, while nice, its Bergdorf's in the middle of Town Center Mall. Tongue Tied One of these things is not like the other...

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  • Worst: Took Azlyn to the doctor Friday and she had croup and another ear infection. DH accidentally woke her up on Friday night, and she would NOT go back to sleep. So she was up crying and fussing until after 1am, so I only got 5 hours of sleep before riding my bike 65 miles on Saturday.

    Best: First time on my bike in 2 years, and actually survived riding 90-something miles this weekend. Of course now, I am still ridiculously drained. I should probably nap right now, but I am not much of a napper.


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