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Finished 'One Day' *bit of spoiler*

Hello all,

 What did you think of the book?  It took me a while to get into-but I enjoyed it and found it romantic in the everyday kind of way.  Sometimes I read love stories that are 'feel good' but I find it hard to believe people can be THAT in love for the rest of their lives.  Emma and Dex obviously loved each other-but I like how the author  didn't give the relationship silly little battles they had to overcome.  The obstacles they had seem very real.  Even if you marry the love of your life-it's not going to be full of happiness and butterflies every time you kiss.  Just because you are not always on fire doesn't mean you're not in love anymore.

That was my take-would love to hear any thoughts!



Re: Finished 'One Day' *bit of spoiler*

  • I loved this book.  It gets pretty mixed reviews on the board, but I thought it was a touching story.  They faced a lot of battles together so it was nice that they didn't let the petty things get in the way.

    I'm dying to see the movie, I think Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway will make a wonderful Dex and Em!

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  • I'm going to go see it on Friday!  I've seen previews and it looks pretty well done-though movies are hardly ever as good as the books I really like the actors.
  • It took me a long time to get into this as well.  I like Emma but couldn't stand Dex.  I thought the ending was a twist though and liked the last 4ish chapters the best.
  • I liked Emma and I related with her a lot, especially being a teacher and an aspiring YA writer. But then she had to go and act like writing YA wasn't "real" writing and that to be a "real" writer she had to write about adults and then I got just as irritated with her as I was with Dex. Tongue Tied
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