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Baby/Toddler weight percentages

Do pediatricians use the same reference chart for this? My girls have always been little, but their percentages have always been normal. I have always wondered a bit, but it didn't really dawn on me until now. At 15mo Jovie was just over 20.3...anyway, they said that was about 40%. I couldn't have even switched her to forward facing before then if I wanted to. Now at almost 18mo I think she is artound 21-22lb and I will bet anything she is still in the same percentage. They show me the chart and it is always for the right age and for girls. She is tall too, but I never believe how high they put that either. Just wondering if they all used the same thing because I have a feeling that at some pedi offices Jovie would be getting close to the bottom of the charts.

Re: Baby/Toddler weight percentages

  • That does seem odd.  At 15 months Sophia was 20 pounds 6 ounces and our office put her at 15% for weight.  At 18 months she was 22 pounds 4 ounces and that was 20%. 

    I wonder if they just plotted her wrong on the chart or something because you would think the charts would be pretty standard.  I do know our office uses the same chart for formula fed and breastfed babies and there are specific ones out there for breastfed babies so maybe they are using one of those at your office?  

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  • That seems odd! At 12 months g was 20lbs even, 30%. now at 15m she's 20.6lbs and in the 15%. does their height factor in?

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  • The charts are standard. The CDC recommends that physicians use the WHO charts for 0-24 months and the CDC charts for 2-20 years but that may not always be followed.

    It looks like she fell around 30% according to the WHO chart but on the CDC chart she falls around 10%. 

    Hope that helps!


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