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The tale of the jerky that was not to be

So I went to Trader Joe's with a co worker during lunch, and I purchase a bag of Turkey Jerkey to keep in my desk as a snack. Around 330, I get munchy and decide to open it. MOLDED, not ehh maybe.. MOLDED, green stuff growing on a few of the pieces at the top of the bag. 

 I debate just tossing it since I can't really make it back to the TJ's by work since I didn't drive, but decide to return it at the one near my house.

 When I get there and tell them all the dude does is stare at me like I'm crazy and ask if I want a new one or my money back. I mean, yes I would've enjoyed eating the jerky I spent $5 on, but really I was concerned maybe that whole batch was moldy or something. He didn't ask what store it came from, write down a batch number, apologize or anything. I thought that was weird. 

I go grab a different bag, of jerky and head to yoga. Once home from yoga in my rush to go shower, I just leave the TJ's bag on the kitchen counter. When I get go back into the kitchen later, I find that Jax the cat has helped himself to a good portion of my jerky.

I'm not quite sure what the point of telling this story is, except for that it is a bit amusing and I STILL have no turkey jerkey, and is it weird for a grocery store to seem disinterested when they find out their food has MOLD ?  

IMG_1373 Cool Winston

Re: The tale of the jerky that was not to be

  • Sounds like somebody didn't know what they were doing (the employee, not you). Did you get any of your jerky? Now I'm craving vegetarian jerky, which is often gross and never as good as the real thing.
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  • You're hilarious and so is your story. The mold situation is gross and lame, but the whole "jerky comedy of errors" is funny :)
  • Eww! I'd have been too grossed out to see/eat another jerky right away...


  • Someone is trying to tell you not to eat that jerky!
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  • Did you tell them you'd just bought it earlier that day?  If not, maybe he just thought you'd had it too long.  Otherwise, he was probably just lazy.
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  • Yea I mentioned I had just gotten it that day. I think he was lame. I got no Jerky from either bag.
    IMG_1373 Cool Winston
  • but..but..but... i thought TJ's couldn't EVER do anything wrong!

    also, eww.  i've had the same reactions(from the employee) to moldy cheese bags at the grocery store every once in awhile :/ 

    my <3


    Winston my sexy kitty :)
  • Yuck! I bought turkey jerky from Trader Joe's a few weeks ago to send to C. He said it was delicious, so hopefully it was just a weird fluke... Sorry the universe conspired against you eating jerky!
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