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Hurricane Irene

As the resident South Floridian (I lived here for 6 yrs prior, so its not just 1 month of living here), I am open to any and all hurricane prep questions.  Or just general, "what is it like" type questions. 


Re: Hurricane Irene

  • Do you think it's really going to be as bed as they predict?

    Can ya get me a day off Monday?  I'm in the ER, so I really doubt it.

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  • What's the longest you've been without power? Even in the worst storms we've had (Hurricane Bob in '91, several blizzards, etc), I've never been without power for more than a few hours, and even that's rare. Do you keep food/milk in a cooler when you're without power for an extended period of time? I can't decide if we should get some ice.

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  • @ Amanda. I would trust what they are telling you.  There is a small chance it could turn and not hit at all, but very unlikely.  Since Andrew in '92, they have been really really good at predicting what will happen.  And I'd love to get you a day off, but I can't.  Hope it isn't too bad.  If you will have to go in no matter what, I suggest you get there before the storm is supposed to start......traveling in one is dangerous.

    @ Beth.  My parent's place has a generator.  After Wilma in '05, I was without power for a week.  The best way to preserve food is to have the freezer and fridge be full.  Don't go buy more food, but do buy bags of ice and break them down into gallon ziplock bags to "pad" around the food (or just use your ice maker to get enough).  Buy small containers of shelf-stable milk for cereal and those tuna meals (comes with small tuna, crackers, and mayo).  Also, comfort foods.  Hurricanes are very scary and stressful.....now is the time for your favorite cookies!

    Bring in ANYTHING that can become a projectile in high winds.  This includes grills and propane tanks.  100+ MPH winds can pick up a lot.  Make sure you have cash (stores might open w/o power and sell water, TP, etc....but will only take cash), fill all cars with gas, and buy plenty of bottled water.  

  • I am starting to get a bad feeling we're going to lose power for a while.  *sigh*  In a normal Nor'Easter my town has many many downed trees.  We always lose power.  I am not holding out much hope for this weekend.   Thankfully our yard is so teeny we don't have a single tree, lol.  and our neighbors removed the really big one overhanging both houses last summer.  So, fingers crossed there.

    We're sending my MIL home early.  She was supposed to stay through Sunday but we're kicking her out tomorrow morning.  She kept saying "well, I have clothes, there are worse places I could get stuck" and I was all "oh no, you have to get home and make sure everything there is OK....". I could NOT deal sitting inside all day with her all weekend (again) listening to all her "helpful" advice.  I have officially reached MIL capacity.

  • Just got this in an email from my Town:

    The Town continues to prepare for Hurricane Irene which should arrive in our area as a Category 1 Hurricane bringing 6-12 inches of rain and sustained winds in excess of 55 mph.  The storm should enter our area in the early morning hours of Sunday August 28.  It is important that you prepare for flooding, power outages and road closures.  Residents living near the coast are particularly vulnerable and should be prepared to leave their homes in the event of an evacuation. 

    The wind doesn't sound as bad as they were predicting but my Town is on the coast (I am probably 2 miles inland though).

  • I agree with everything Soon2be has said. You may also want to consider filling a bathtub with water in case you lose water for a few days - not for drinking, but flushing toilets etc. If you have empty 2 liters around, fill them 2/3 with water and freeze them to use for padding in fridge/freezer as well. PB&J with bread are good food sources along with the protein. Either shelf stable or even powdered milk. In NE I would guess people will be without power anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. They're still expecting the storm to strengthen as it moves up the coast.  If you have an alternative heating source like propane/gas/wood fireplace you can use that to roast hot dogs too - depending on the heat in the house of course - easier to do in a Nor'easter obvs. You basically want to be prepared to be stuck at home for few days with no power or water; hopefully that is worst case scenario.

    Minor stuff that you probably know but still - weather radio/battery operated radio, flashlights with extra batteries (in multiple places), candles for ambiance. Smile good luck all my NE ladies! I certianly remember Bob - the eye passed RIGHT over my house - it was kind of cool.

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  • you know what sucks about this too  - Im having my period and really don't like the idea of being without power/water. Yea for more uncomfortableness. Need to go to store after work!
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