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Laundry- Dress Shirts/Pants

My husband finally got a work wardrobe and I'm at a loss on how to wash his dress shirts/pants/ties. I ruined a pair of his pants by washing and drying them (they were %100 cotton). :(  We have a pretty old washer and dryer (we live in an apartment so no updated appliances). The washing machine has a regular cycle for heavy, normal, and light loads. It also has a perm press cycle. The dryer has a de-wrinkle cycle, regular cycle, and perm press cycle. How should I wash his dress pants? How often? What about dress shirts?

As for ties, he recently stained one of them (100% polyester) and I tried getting it out but now it has a water stain. How do I fix that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Re: Laundry- Dress Shirts/Pants

  • What do the labels say?  Typically, with 100% cotton, you can wash and then tumble dry on a low cycle.  It doesn't sound like you have this setting on your dryer.  You can wash them on the light load, hang them to dry and then iron them.  For a tie, I have washed my husband's ties in the washer on the delicate setting, hang them and iron.
  • The pants that shrunk- the label said machine wash cold, which I did, and line dry. I let them air dry until they were a little bit damp and stuck them in the dryer for about 10 minutes on the de-wrinkle cycle. And they still shrunk.
  • I know this probably is not the best way but with all DH's work clothes, I sometimes choose efficiency over anything else. I put all his shirts and pants (all turned inside out) on a delicate wash (light load on your washer) with cold water. Then I line dry everything and iron with a warm iron. I've never had any problems doing it that way and it saves time from seperating all the different fabrics.
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  • I wash all of DH's dress clothes (and mine typically) in cold and hang to dry.  It's easy to remember and that way you never have to worry about shrinkage or fading too quickly.  I iron as I go, so it's not a lot to do at once as Im usually mentally checked out after 3-4 shirts.  Lol.  I would read the labels for the ties.  


    For polyester ties, just simply hand wash with warm water and a little laundry detergent (preferably liquid) and let it sit until the stain lifts (even overnight).  Hang it to dry and lightly steam it or iron on VERY low setting.  Don't iron the edges though.  With silk ties, I would dab a little club soda on a cloth and blot out the stain.  Do not iron, but steam lightly when dry if needed.

  • My FI will wash his shirts and pants on the regular cycle, fluff them in the dryer for about 30 minutes on air dry (no heat). If you only have a heat setting, put them in there on low for about 10 minutes, and then hang them to dry. Iron if needed. When FI does this, he doesn't even have to iron them, fluffing them takes the wrinkles out.
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