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Morning Ladies!

We survived Monday, woo hoo! Mondays are just the worst. Today I have to go grocery shopping and wash our sheets, so it's looking like a pretty domesticated day for me. I also have some steaks in the fridge so DH is going to grill those for dinner. Lately I haven't really been that excited about eating meat. it must be the pregnancy, but I'm definitely feeling like a vegetarian. I'm excited to start discussing our book today! Hope you ladies have a great morning!

Re: Morning Ladies!

  • Good morning!

    I got my workout in this morning and it was awesome. I'm about to head to an audit interview at work-- so crazy! When I get back I'll start the discussion :)

    Tonight I'm going to go see HP with my friend Rachel! I'm very excited :) I'm even more excited to see The Help this weekend!

  • Morning ladies!  Looks like it is gonna be one of those days today.  Our system is on the verge of dying I think so today should be super frustrating. :)  Joy!  I finished my other book last night.  I'm looking forward to our discussion tomorrow! 

  • I also got up early and worked out before work today. I meet with an endurance club to work on speed/tempo work for training for the race. It was great, except it was a 5am. I was home by 6, took a shower, then went back to bed for another hour, haha. Now off to work.

    After work I need to do laundry then I am making tacos with ground turkey, whole wheat tortillas, lots of veggies, and I am going to make my own salsa too! Yum!

    Also HAPPY ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY to my Hubby and I:)  

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  • Morning everyone!  It's damp and dreary here today.  I can already feel a migraine coming on because of the weather, ughhh.  I've already cleaned the kitchen good this morning so I'm being somewhat domesticated today.  I still need to straighten the living room and vacuum.  Then I have to go to work. 
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  • Good Morning All!  It's been raining here for oh, about 3 weeks, so today is yet another rainy day.  Rainy days = sleepy Jen.  Tongue Tied

    Otherwise, just gotta work, considering possible dinner ideas, and trying to keep myself awake!  For some reason if I get more than 4 hours of sleep a night I am more tired the next day than if I had only slept for an hour.  Yuck!

    And - I am dreaming of Maui....  My cousin is getting married there on 11-11-11 and I desperatly want to go with my parents.  Hubby said last night not to let him hold me back, so now is decision time.  I'd feel bad leaving him at home and going to the place we got married, but it's MAUI - how can you not take the opportunity when it presents itself?!?! 

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  • I started my morning by starting this post and then got swept off to meetings and just have the opportunity to come here now and finish what I was trying to say earlier.  Tonight we are painting the touch up the ceiling in the kitchen, trying to clean (my parents dog who we are watching HATES brooms, vacuums, windex, etc...), working out (run 2 miles and then abs and the elliptical). 

    Dinner is left over chicken from last night and a veggie.
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