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Fresh off the boat

We just moved to Cincy, and I'd really like some advice on meeting people, but since that's kind of a tall order, how about just some nice places that you 'Nattians would recommend?   

Meeting people doesn't sound so tough. It is though.

My husband and I both work, and I teach one night a week in Dayton, where I used to live.  With the new house and the renovation work, we've been pretty swamped.  But I feel like now we can start to emerge from that time-suck and get out there and make friends!  Don't I sound so exuberant and like a go-getter!  I'm not though.  I'm kind of shy but I'm kind of taking the lead on this (it doesn't bother the husband one way or the other). 

We are not partiers, though we both enjoy a decent beer.  We're both, ah, frugal, but not to a crippling extent.  We'd be out of place anywhere overly trendy, we're nerds.  And not the cool, hot ones, just the plain ones.  Any recommendations for us?  I'd really appreciate it.  Just a nice place, somewhere with a lively (not frat-drunk) crowd, or a hole in the wall you've enjoyed, something like that would really help.   

It just seems that when we go out, people are formed into tight little clumps.  And I'm not about to elbow my way into a group and proclaim "Who wants to be friends?"  Or if I did maybe they'd just ask me where I went to high school.  No, but seriously, I'm quite mystified as to how to meet people as a grown up person. 

 Nice to meet you, everyone.

Re: Fresh off the boat

  • Welcome to the area.  What part of town are you living?  We are in West Chester.  There is a book club on this board and you don't really have to read the books if you don't want to.  It is a mix of ladies with and without kids.  Also all different ages though I'm sure I'm the oldest at 43.

    I wish I knew more places to tell you for meeting new people, but I'm not great at it myself

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  • A book club where no one reads the books, huh?  nice.  :)

    To make new friends as an adult it seems like you really have to make your own opportunities, and the book club is a pretty good example.

  • When I moved back to Cincinnati and realized I had outgrown my local friends I place an ad on Craigslist for girl friends, not girlfriends :o) in the platonic section and it worked out great. I have been friends with a few girls that I met that way for a few years now, one was even in my wedding!

  • Hi!  I'm from Cincy but I live in Dayton now!  Anyhoo, I've met a few people through the local Nest & Bump boards.  They're pretty dead right now but who knows, maybe they'll pick up.  We have get-to-gethers (GTG) every now & then.  Everyone is welcome and don't feel bad about not knowing us-most of us have only "met" online.  Maybe pick up the weekend section of the paper or City Beat & look for groups that sound interesting?  I know there are a few dinner clubs around town and I'm sure there must be a group or club that enjoys trying a good beer vs drinking a few pitchers of cheap swill.
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  • I'm one of the admins for the book club Facebook group.  If you are interested I'll add you.  Just shoot me PM with your email.
  • I hear ya. I moved to Cincy (from Dayton, too) almost 3 years ago. H moved here 5ish years ago, so we're both transplants. For a while, our only friends were a few of his work friends and a few of my work friends (although, until recently, my workplace had this weird culture where nobody associated with each other outside of work...that's gotten better, but it still takes effort!) I've met a few people through running/biking groups and we have some friends from this board. It really IS hard making friends as an adult, though!

    Anyway, when ARE we going to have another GTG around here? It's been a while! Also, my husband and I are nerds who like good beer without the noise and obnoxiousness as well. :)

    Kate (& Mark!)

  • Aha!  See, I knew there had to be others.  ;)

    It's just hard to hook up with people (not hookup, but hook up) when you're in a workplace with older, established folks.  My office is too small to get a lot of young blood.  And when you're not in school, it really is difficult to have that opportunity to speak to somebody sitting next to you without feeling awkward as hell. 

    I am going to try to get into yoga again, as soon as we get some renovation work on the house done.  :/   That may help.  Although in the last town, there were only like three people in the yoga class, and I brought one of them with me, lol. 

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