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Crap. We've got testicles.

MotzieMotzie member
Fifth Anniversary

My not quite six month old BT is scheduled to be fixed on Thursday. It will actually be a few days short of his 6-month birthday. He is sprawled out on the couch with me, and I can see his testicles have/are starting to descend. He always sleeps like this, and I swear they came overnight.

Fvck. Are we screwed? Little buddy can barely jump up to the couch, he hardly seems old enough to get fixed, and now these pop out on us.

Re: Crap. We've got testicles.

  • Could you please explain why you think you'd be screwed?  Its a bad thing if the have NOT dropped. 
  • You're not screwed.  The surgery is easier if they've already descended.  I'm surprised it took so long!  I guess it takes longer on the little ones.

    No amount of education could convince Betty to be nice to possums
  • You'll be fine. Chance had BIG BALLS when we had him neutered (at 18 months- he was slow to grow/fill out). 

    He's just got a teeny tiny mud flap now. 
  • Im confused - you think he can't be neutered bc his testicles dropped ? Please elaborate.

    Our friend has neutered dogs at a clinic during residency as early as 12 weeks - I think at 6 months your dog will be fine.
  • MotzieMotzie member
    Fifth Anniversary

    Ok, color me confused. I guess I thought they weren't supposed to descend all the way before we got him fixed. And no, I didn't think he couldn't be fixed, I just thought it might complicate things. Good to know that it won't. Thanks for the replies.

    I saw a substitute vet a few times when mine wasn't available. She really freaked me out about getting him in closer to five months.

    I guess this is why they make those implants.

  • I'm confused too.  Dropped testicles are a good thing, you want them to drop before a neuter as it makes the neuter much easier.  That being said, I'm a proponent of waiting until maturation before thinking about neutering.
    My sweet boy
  • nitalnital member
    Tenth Anniversary 10000 Comments Combo Breaker
    ditto everyone else.  dropping makes the surgery easier, otherwise the vet has to go on a fishing expedition to find them.
    Have you seen my monkey?
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