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Cake boss

I tried to find the post on here about Carlos' Bakery, but thenest search function blows.

I know a few of you have been there. What tips about visiting did you offer? What's their go to item? Did someone say something about ordering ahead? 


Re: Cake boss

  • I'm not sure about anyone else, but I did take a trip to Hoboken one saturday, and the line was 2 blocks long.  Supposedly they were filming, so the people that were in the store had to stay in for filming purposes.  So the line was very slow moving.  We never even attempted to get in line.  We did see Buddy and crew in the alley filming a scene.

    We strolled around Hoboken a little, had lunch then went to Liberty Island.

  • I've never been but I believe their coffee crumb cake is the big item that EVERYONE raves about. And I'm pretty sure you can order ahead which sounds like a good idea bc from what I gather, the lines are always long.

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  • FWIW my family use to get the stuff once in a while before it became a show. I don't think their stuff is super great. 

    That being said, while i was KU every time that show was on, I had  to have something from a bakery. I could mentally SMELL cookies. 

  • We went on a Sunday morning in January.  The line was about a block long.  We waited in the line outside for about 30-45 minutes, and they only let so many people in at a time.  Once inside, the store was cramped and busy. Once you are inside, look around and decide on what you want to buy because once  they call your number, they really want you to have your mind made up. We were in the store for about another 40 minutes.  Yes, you can order ahead, but I believe you still have to wait in the line outside...don't quote me on that.  I thought the stuff was okay and not that much more expensive than a bakery in South Philly.  I really enjoyed the St. Joe's Cake.  It was my birthday and my mom was going to buy me a little fondant cake which cost 40 bucks.  I told her to forget it and just get me a Carvel cake at the Acme.
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  • my daughter is BEGGING me to take her there for her 4th birthday.  she has been requesting this for about 8 months now, so i hate to tell her no...but i also do not want to stand spend a day standing in line for baked goods either.  decisions, decisions....
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