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Idiot at Menards should be glad I didn't call the police (dog in car)

It's 85* here according to the local news station. I had to run to menards to buy a new trowel, and when I pulled in, I noticed a dark green truck with windows cracked no more than 1/4 of an inch. There was a BEAUTIFUL GSP panting frantically in the front seat. 

I went into the store, had them page the owner. Nobody showed up. I made my return, went back out to the car (probably 10 minutes later) and I see the douchecanoe owner walking up to the car.  

I told him it was easily over 100* in the car at that point, and he looks at me and says "you dumb biitch, I was only in the store for 3 minutes, so mind your own f*ing business." (let's see, I had been there for 10+ minutes, and the car was there before I arrived). 

I told him that he should be glad I didn't call 911 for animal abuse, and that if he wanted his dog to live past August, he should think twice about bringing his dog along in hot weather and parking his car in FULL F**ING SUNLIGHT!!!!!!!!!



I hate stupid people 

Re: Idiot at Menards should be glad I didn't call the police (dog in car)

  • Here here! I work at a pet store where people are allowed to bring their dogs IN, but I still get complaints about dogs left in cars! Not very often, but each time it is a crisis! We just had one yesterday when just being outside was dreadful...let alone in a car! I agree....I hate stupid people!

  • 2bjam2bjam member
    What a JERK! I can't believe he yelled at YOU like that! Ugh! Stupid people!!!
  • Good for you, what a jerk.

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  • Dude what an a**! Sorry you had to deal with that.

    I also hate stupid people. 

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  • There have already been a few deaths in Minneapolis because of people leaving their animals in their cars. It's been all over the news. Ridiculous.

    That's a 911 emergency for me. Also - here in MN, if the dog dies the charge can be upgraded to a felony. So that definitely motivates me to call!

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