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pregnant and with ideas

I am 9 months pregnant right now and DH and I are having a hard time finding a comfortable position (mostly for me) during sex.  Usually I am on top because that seems to be the only way I can O.  Well on top is now uncomfortable (cramping, no stamina...etc) to the point where I cant reach the big O.  I can reach it by myself no problem (with and without the help of toys).  Any suggestions of different types of positions that work/worked the best for you when you were pregnant??  thanks
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Re: pregnant and with ideas

  • Doggy style worked the best for us, but sometimes started mild contractions.
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  • image jrsmama2010:
    Doggy style worked the best for us, but sometimes started mild contractions.

    This, although I did have to start stacking pillows under my belly for support.

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  • Try spooning, his front to your back.

    I wrote this! 
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  • image taylormillgirl:
    Try spooning, his front to your back.

     spooning is great for sure.

  • I am in the same boat you are, (as you can tell by my ticker Smile) and, although I haven't gotten really huge, the belly definitely gets in the way these days. On top is (so far) the only way that I orgasm, but I don't like to have DH pinned the whole time we're having sex, so we change it up with a little with some from behind, and recently tried it where he lays down on his side, and I sit on his lap, laying on my back.Hope that's helpful.

    Good luck!

  • Try an incline position.  You need to be on your back, but inclined so that you are more of a 45 deg angle.  If you can get close to the edge of a bed or couch, that would be good.  Sit on the edge of you bed, put cushions or pillows or something behind your back for support.  With your legs over the edge, have DH step in bwteen them so that his erection is at the same level as your vagina.  He can stand and work in and out of you with ease and it should be comfy for you too.  Its also a great position for you to do a little self stimulation during too.


    Hope this helps.

    I'll try anything once. Yes, anything, well almost!! :)
  • Whatever you decide to careful!!!!  You're going to pop soon!!!!
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