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Finally back + 10 mos pics + update.

Hi ladies,

My new laptop finally arrived today and I'm so happy - going almost 3 weeks without regular access to the internet almost killed me. I am currently trying to work out Windows 7, plus this thing has a HD screen so I can now see how bad my photos and photo editing is lol.

S turned 10 months in the week, craaaaazy. Here are her monthdays, getting worse by the month now :-( I haven't had chance to edit anything cos I still haven't put PSE on the computer yet.

She scratched her face on the TV stand the day before so has a lovely wound in these ones. Oh well.

In other news, she is FINALLY STTN again; turns out the poor thing was just hungry! She hasn't eaten any solids really these past 9 weeks because she's cutting more teeth (9 and counting, omg) so the last 2 days she has been eating a whole sweet potato before bedtime and it's knocking her out. She went down at 8.30 last night and woke at 10am this morning?!?! I hope she keeps it up. She is also taking about 4 steps now and eating Graham crackers like they're going out of style. No other finger foods yet unfortunately.

Finally, we booked our flights back to the UK for 23rd August and I am having anxiety attacks just thinking about the logistics and the flight; 8 hours with an (almost) toddling child will be no picnic methinks. If anyone has any advice or suggestions on how to make things easier I would love to hear from you.

Anyways off to catch up with about a gazillion posts :-)

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Re: Finally back + 10 mos pics + update.

  • I was just thinking about you the other day! :) Glad you finally got your new computer and will have regular Internet. Hard to believe that Seren is 10 months old. She is so beautiful! And yay to sleeping through the night! 
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  • Cute pics! Can you believe our babies are so close to a year?!
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  • Love the pictures!  
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  • I'll post more later because I'm on my phone right but I wanted to say welcome back, I missed you around here! And I'm so glad she's sleeping now! Even if It's only for a while, enjoy the extra sleep! I can't believe she's ten months already! She's gorgeous, Morgan :)

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  • I don't know what you are talking about, those pics of Seren are precious!!! :)

    I'm so happy she sttn!!!!! Yay! Don't fret about the finger foods yet, Sam really didn't get a hold of the concept until she was almost a year old. She still has trouble some days, especially when teething. 

    Hugs, good luck with your trip, I was good for an hour, but I can't imagine 8. I suggest taking the laptop with some dvds of yogabbagabba!

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