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Our mailman just snapped at me.

I know this probably sounds a bit paranoid but I don't answer the door if I'm home alone and not expecting anyone.  We live in an apartment complex in a pretty safe area but there are some BSC people in this town and DH has arrested many.  More than half the time it's usually one of our neighbors looking for DH to ask or complain about some legal issue or it's just the maintenance guys who will come back later anyway. 

I heard someone knock on the door twice while I was upstairs.  I looked out the window and couldn't see anyone and decided not to answer because A) I didn't know who it was, and B) I had on a see-through shirt. lol 

A few min. later I looked out the window and saw the mailman at another apartment and realized it was probably him.  So I threw on a shirt and opened the door to ask if he knocked on my door a few moments ago.  His response with an attitude was, "Well, sshhyeah!  I banged on your door 3 or 4 times!  Not sure how you didn't hear me." 

Well, geez, excuse me.  I'd just rather be safe than sorry, jerk.  Plus, my boobies were showing so I needed a little time.  And for the record, he only knocked twice (not 3 or 4!) because I was listening.  Stick out tongue       


Re: Our mailman just snapped at me.

  • What did he want? I think it is kinda funny. 
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  • He just had a package to deliver. 

    I just thought it was funny and rude how he said, "I banged on the door 3 or 4 times!  Not sure how you didn't hear me."  Dude, there are several things I could have been doing like...showering, pooping, listening to music, washing dishes, talking on the phone, etc.  lol 

  • Yeah. Some people. 
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  • What a rude mailman! He doesn't deserve to see boobies haha.
  • image Megamuff:
    What a rude mailman! He doesn't deserve to see boobies haha.
    Yes I don't answer my door a lot of the time either.. people be crazy, yo.
  • NO boobies for him.
  • you should have made up an elaborate story of how something horrible that happened last time you answered the door and didn't know who it was... and flashed your bewbs.... then started sobbing at the end of the story.

    your point would have gotten across

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