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brazilian wax questions

Good morning everyone - I got my first brazilian wax yesterday and so far I love it, but I have some questions.

 1.  So, it is less then a day old and I already feel stubbly in some areas, the girl said it was becuase it was my first one and I used to shave which makes the hair coarse.  Does it get easier/smoother the more you have it waxed?

2.  I was planning on just doing it once for a special occassion, but DH loved it, so I am thinking of going back, but it was really painful, again, the girl said it was because it was the first time.  What do you do to lessen the pain?

Re: brazilian wax questions

  • I started waxing this year and Ive had to do it about 3 times so far and my hair has gotten a lot smoother and finer. Like almost where you cant see it unless your looking for it between waxes.
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  • I've been doing brazilian waxes for almost a year now.  My hair isn't really all that less noticable.  Maybe a little bit finer than what it was.  For me, the first time I took 4 Ibuprofen before going.  Second time, none and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all pain-wise.
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  • I'm an esthetician. The more you wax the finer the hair becomes and it becomes sparse. I know a woman who waxed her bikini for 10-15 years and she literally only has a few hairs in her bikini area because the hair follicles just stopped producing hairs. Take Advil before you get waxed and make sure not to get waxed near your period because it's much more painful if you do. I'm not surprised your DH loved it :) 
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  • After my first one, I was literally in tears.  The next one.. not so bad.  Definitely take a few advil before.  And the stubble was normal the first time.

    I also recently got a 'sugar wax'.. she used all natural ingredients(lemon, sugar, water?) and it was a lot less painful.  She made the wax into a ball and used it the whole time.  No cloth strips.  Just re-rolled the ball of wax and applied it again.

    Try that! And the advil... you'll be good to go!

  • Im thinking about doing this.. but just wondering how often you have to go? Twice a month? More?


  • she said that I should start to see regrowth in 2-3 weeks, but then you have to wait for 10-14 days of regrowth to get it waxed.  I am guessing about once a month?
  • I used to do this every 4-6 weeks for 3 years. Then I got tired of throwing money at it and decided to get laser, which was cheaper than about 5 years of brazilians every 4-6 weeks... but that's another story.

    Anyway. I liked to take naproxen before my wax since I can take it on an empty stomach without stomach pain later. Also, I only was happy with brazilian waxes at Aveda spas, since most of those use the hard, thick blue wax. The blue wax works MUCH better than the crappy sad yellow wax that most places use. So I'd recommend seeing an esthetician (sp?) from Aveda, but check first if they use the blue wax there. Every now and then in my travels, I've encountered Aveda spas that don't use blue wax at all.

    I wore loose clothing (a longer skirt, commando worked well for me every time, but some people are too shy for that...), it helped with the initial pain. When I got home, I "air"ed out and used an ice pack.

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  • I've gotten 3 brazilians and I will never do it again. The lady burned me last time and waxed multiple times on the burned area so I'm now scarred. :(
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    I've gotten 3 brazilians and I will never do it again. The lady burned me last time and waxed multiple times on the burned area so I'm now scarred. :(

    I'm so sorry... that's awful. I HATED when people try to wax the same area over and over.

    I think you meant you're emotionally scarred, but if you are literally scarred, try using mederma?  

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  • Ok, so stupid question, but I gotta do they go about doing it? is it a salon? do they have you cover with the blanket like an obgyn does?
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    Ok, so stupid question, but I gotta do they go about doing it? is it a salon? do they have you cover with the blanket like an obgyn does?'re just all out in the open.  sometimes the esthetician will ask you to hold the skin taut as well.  and you'll also be asked to flip over, and contort into various positions.

    despite all this, i will say again and again that it really is worth it.

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    Ok, so stupid question, but I gotta do they go about doing it? is it a salon? do they have you cover with the blanket like an obgyn does?

     Not a stupid question at all! It really depends on the person doing the wax. At one salon the woman would have me remove my pants & undies and then cover up with a towel. She would then uncover the portion she was waxing. At another salon I had nothing to cover up. It just really depends on where you go.

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  • I used to do it regularly. When I kept it up, the hair would grow more sparsely, and less coarse. It does hurt less each time, but make sure you don't go right before or after your period. Also, I would take Ibuprofen before I would go, just to keep swelling and redness to a minimum. 
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  • You may have had stubble because the hair in that region doesn't grow back at the same time.  It may have been shorter hair that she could not wax away. 

    European Wax Center uses the blue wax. The wax is allowed to harden and then taken off (no wax strips are used).  This is actually less harsh to the skin.  European Wax Centers are all over the place and I have had only positive experiences with them.  I have referred friends to them and they are also happy.    


  • I waxed religiously for over a year.  First every 4 weeks, then as the hair got finer, every 6 weeks.  It hurt every time.  Not as bad as the first time, but still very painful.  I too started getting laser hair because after waxing for so long, I started getting a lot of ingrown hairs, which is not cute down there.  Plus it's cheaper in the long run.
  • so i have a c-section scar and its one of those keloid scars (really thick scar tissue that sticks out farther than the rest of my skin. gross.) anyway, has anyone else had to deal with this? im so scared its going to hurt way worse because of the scar or its going to rip open or something crazy like that... lol. btw the scar is only 11 months old so i dont know if it is ok to wax over it... does anyone know anything about this??
  • As a redhead with a SUPER low pain threshold, I can tell you that brazilians are totally worth it! Yes, it hurts, and I get super red. My esthetician told me that I have the most sensitive skin she's ever seen, plus that red hair is the hardest to remove. My hair grows in all different directions too, so sometimes I get those little bruise/hickey looking things on the muscles on my inner thighs from where she pulls the strip.

     All that being said, I LOVE them. (My fiance adores them too, and sometimes when I complain about how $$ the salon is, he jokingly tells me he'll pay for my nails and hair and everything haha.) If you pop an Advil an hour or so beforehand, the pain should be completely bearable. Just avoid tight jeans that night!

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  • I have a silly question.  Yes, I'm a guy too.


    Someone asked if they cover you or are you just sitting there naked?  My question, where (in the salon) is this performed?  I would hope its not out in the open so any one walking in would see.  Do you go into a special room for waxing where you get privacy?

    I'll try anything once. Yes, anything, well almost!! :)
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