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Aphids on tomato plant

What to do??? A friend told me whatever is growing on my tomato plant is a fungus called aphids. Anyone had this on a plant before? What did you put on it? Is it doomed?
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Re: Aphids on tomato plant

  • Aphids are basically plant lice- they start off pretty small and can get pretty big. If they are leaving a residue could kill them but they are pretty lethal to tomato plants. I have a huge garden (121 tomato plants) since we sell them and we get them some years and some years not. We dont treat our plants since we are organic, however, I do hear that planting mint, using catnip or even garlic around the plants will rid them. They dont like the smell.
  • Aphids are little bugs, not a fungus - it's is easy to kill them with insecticidal soap.  You can either buy it or mix dish soap, vegetable oil and water in a spray bottle and then douse them with it.  The soap will kill them by desiccating them.  Spray if you find more.  Insecticidal soap is not harmful to the environment and is an organic and effective way of taking care of aphids. 
  • If your garden is not too large, just squish them by hand. They are really soft bodied so it doesn't take much effort. It's free, it's easy, and you don't have to worry about harming any beneficial insects with insecticide.

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    image Hey Jellisy:
    Aphids are little bugs - it's is easy to kill them with dish soap and water in a spray bottle ... douse them with it.   
    THIS. (No vegetable oil needed.)
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  • lady bugs gobble up aphids like candy. 
  • I read somewhere that there are also other plants that you can have near tomatoes (possibly basil but I'm not sure) that help to keep aphids away.
  • I've also read that basil will repel aphids. I planted some around my tomatoes this year.
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