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Update on Am I wrong or should I fold?

Thank you ladies for the kind words and votes of confidence!  I did end up going.  One of the best things I ever did!

I actually left Friday and drove with the kids part way so we could stay in a cheap hotel and swim and spent the night there.  My oldest loved it.  The next morning we left early and drove the rest.  Drove straight home on Sunday and got home late but it was so fun.

I do want to say, my parents adore my kids.  They are so good to them and my oldest did cry in the car on Saturday morning to go home since she missed them.  They gave them each 5 dollars and me 20 dollars for food.

Since my kids father has chosen not to be in their lives, my dad has been the prime male in their life.  He is older and is a cancer survivor and has health problems so I do cherish my time and their time together.  I just think I need to work on developing the adult relationship we have instead of the adult/child one we seem to have.  So hopefully this will be a good beginning.

Thank you again!

Re: Update on Am I wrong or should I fold?

  • good I am glad you went. 
  • I'm glad you went and I'm glad the kids had a good time. It's a good first step for all of you.
  • Yay that is great

  • Glad to hear the trip went well!
  • Good for you. I'm glad you went.
  • What?! You weren't murdered and the children weren't stoten? Shocking!

    I actually think its pretty important that you create memories with just you and the kids.

  • So glad you went and that you had a good time! :) Happy for you. :)
  • Thanks for the update!  I'm glad you had a good time and that all went well.
  • dimakedimake member

    I went back to read your OP - and I could have written a lot of your post, especially down to the ages of the kids - I have 2007 and 2009 babies and am recently divorced.  I've been debating taking the girls on a little road trip because I never really get to go anywhere and I want a change of scenery, desperately, even if just for a few days...  assuming my mom will have a cow if I go, etc.

    Your post, follow-up, and the responses were all very helpful for me.  Smile

  • kcgrlkcgrl member
    Fourth Anniversary

    I just read your previous post. Only 90K miles? Ha. My car is 10 years old - 175K miles and I'm still crusin' that baby to TN soon. Daddy sounds a bit too protective. My dad freaks out whenever a car goes over 100K - like its the death of the car. Posh. Dad's too paranoid and my cavy proves it!

    Seems to me your instinct said you needed that get away and I'm glad you listened to yourself!.  

  • Very proud of you!  I wish you continued success in establishing a respectful adult-adult relationship with your parents, with much enjoyment for all.  Don't wait to long to give yourself another shot at growth and confidence!
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