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Debt Blasting!!

Today, thanks to a tight budget and a good tax return, DH and I paid off two lots of debt.

It feels SOOO good to only have one credit card left.  And although it has quite a bit owing on it, I don't feel so stressed about this one.  Most of it is the flights etc for our holiday at the end of the year, and with the other two lots of debt gone it means we can pay about $600 a month on it, plus it's interest free until January.

We are still on a tight budget, but it's good to see the hard work finally paying off.

Anyone else feeling the tight financial pressure lifting?




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Re: Debt Blasting!!

  • Congrats on your paying off those CC's! :-) 

    We are the types that pay the card off in full each month so we never really have debt.  All my H's doing; he's good at it.

    I feel like we've been accruing monthly spending "debt" faster lately tho, because we just need so much stuff for the kittens, and the house and travel, and everybody's got a birthday graduation retirement etc...

    It stressful to see the dollars add up, but it's comforting to know we aren't overspending, and the financial pressures are always lifted each month when we pay them off.  It's nice to see the card balance at zero each bill cycle!


  • Once we purchase our house at the end of August we are going to be a little tigher financially until we unload our second house - not looking forward to carrying 2 mortgages and some duplicate bills!
  • Hey Kathiiy! Congrats on cutting down the debt!  We are still in my apt. saving money.  The idea of a house has been put on the back burner indefinitely.  We will be purchasing a car though next month and taking an anniversary trip instead. We hope to be looking to rent an apt. before next year.
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