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Benefits of switching to a low dose pill?

I'm currently on Seasonique and have been for about the last two years and the hormones are basically killing me (headaches and zero sex drive). I've considered switching to the sponge but we're not really in a position where we would be ok if I were to get pregnant yet.

 I noticed that there is now a lower dose Seasonique available and I'm not really sure if I should consider switching. My gyno's nurse said that not a lot of people switch from a higher dose to a lower dose and that's it's vice versa. Have any of you ever switched from a regular to a lower dose? Are there any benefits? Or was it a terrible experience? Thoughts?

Re: Benefits of switching to a low dose pill?

  • I'm on Yaz and I know a few people (my sister included) who were on it for a short time and had to switch due to the high hormones. In my sisters case she got really sick and was vomiting. She switched and has been on Lo Estrin ever since. If my pill was making me feel ill I'd switch without hesitation. Just be careful in the meantime and use backup birth control.
  • i switched from lo estrin to lo lo estrin and my periods have gone from lasting 3 or 4 days to practically nothing at all. it's actually a little scary sometimes lol. i think my sex drive has improved slightly too. nothing really drastic, but i like my new pills. i didn't really have any complaints with lo estrin other than a lower sex drive, but if you're having problems it couldn't hurt to try a lower dose. 
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  • I know of three couples IRL who conceived on a low dose...  Just sayin...

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  • I am on a low dose pill as well. I tried a few and they didn't work well for me. Loestrin 24 works for me. I don'g weigh much which is why I am on a low dose.
  • I switched to a lower dose pill and love it. I feel less ...'crazy' with it, and even more so, I feel like I'm not taking a drug. My periods are still pretty light and I appreciate not feeling so anxious or PMSy!
  • Everyone is different, so take what I'm going to advise with a grain of salt...but out of all of the low dose pills, I would recommend not considering Loestrin 24FE. Myself and three other girls I know now have chronic potassium deficiency after having taken it for a few months. I just thought it was odd that they had the same issue as me, and only had it after having taken Loestrin 24FE.


    I also got pregnant while on this pill :) Just sayin'! But I had to switch to low dose because Yasmin and Ocella made me wake up at least twice a weak with projectile vomiting...not fun.

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