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Vegas Stories?

So ladies I'm going to Vegas this weekend....and I've never been.  I just never had the urge when I turned 21, plus I had been with DH for a year by then, so I wasn't really doing the bar thing.

But I'm going with some girls for a sort of granny-version of Vegas, haha, and I'm realllly looking forward to it.  Not clubbing or gambling really, but spas, pool bars, shopping, good food, etc.  Just girl stuff!

I know what happens in Vegas stays there....but I just was curious if anybody had any fun stories to share since I'm getting antsy for my trip.  :-)   If not Vegas, anybody have any good girls vacay stories to share?  

I hope to have some good ones myself when I return, even if my trip is a granny-version trip! 

Re: Vegas Stories?

  • I went with my grandma in 2004, she took me as my graduation present. We didn't do anything risque, but we had a lot of fun doing other stuff. We saw "O" and Blue Man Group (both amazing, but I liked BMG better), we had dinner at the top of the Stratosphere (which was kinda scaaarrryyy), we went into almost every hotel along the strip, did the gondola ride, etc.  Whenever we got a quarter back from spending shopping money we would play it in a slot machine. We didn't win anything, but it was fun anyways.
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  • My ILs live in Vegas, so we go there frequently, but not to have "fun".  We stay at their house and mainly visit.

    I do not travel well with my girl friends.  They always get on my nerves after about a day.  I love them dearly, but they drive me crazy.  I haven't taken a trip with them since high school.  

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  • Vegas scares me - people throwing money out in hopes they win something. Last year my company had a sales conference in Lake Tahoe. It was February and all flights were cancelled to NYC due to a blizzard. They paid us all for a night in Vegas and we went casino hopping and ended up at a club. One of the girls I considered to be really smart went ahead and took cash out on her credit card to gamble, because there was no money on her bank account. They handed her a "Dangers of Gambling" leaflet. She lost all the money and her card charged her 25% interest for taking cash out. 

    If you can get to see a show, do it, that's my favorite part of Vegas :)

  • I love Vegas.  Not for the gambling or the bars/clubs, but just for the spectacle of it all.  DH and I went in May for about 4 days and we had a blast.  We love just walking around seeing all of the hotels.  We saw "Love" which was fantastic.  We also had the best meal of our lives at Strip Steak at Mandalay Bay.  It was expensive, but worth every penny!  

    We stayed at Aria this time and it is now my favorite hotel on the strip.  I have also stayed at MGM, New York, New York, Planet Hollywood, and the Luxor when I was a kid.   

    Where are you staying?  Do you have plans to see any shows?

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