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Is anyone on it?  What do you think?  As much as the Facewagon has come to annoy me, I find I prefer it!  Curious to see what others think. 


My DH got on Google+ before I did and thinks it's absolutely God's gift to social networking.

Re: Google+

  • I can't believe I don't even know what this is!
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  • I'm not on it, but I wish I was so I could try it out! How did you guys get on it?


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  • I don't know many people on it - I think our wedding photographer is. How did you guys get invites? Is it really that much better or is it because it's not flooded with people yet?
  • image raangoli:
    I don't know many people on it - I think our wedding photographer is. How did you guys get invites? Is it really that much better or is it because it's not flooded with people yet?

    Do social networking sites work if they aren't flooded with people?  I could never use MySpace because I only knew about 9 people on it.

    DH will undoubtedly be all over this, so I'll let him test the waters.  I don't personally use FB for chatting and I already have people grouped so certain people only see certain things.  Those seem to be the big differences.

    How you join is if you have a gmail account go here.  You can see a demo of features too.



  • We each had a couple of friends who had gotten on in the beginning and had invites to hand out. 


    Part of the problem is there are so few people on there yet (that I know - I have plenty of friends with lots of friends in their "circles" - DH included), so I can't really fully test it.  


    It's a lot like Facebook without the ads and chat and stuff on the sides.  You put your friends into "circles" - divided by family, friends, acquaintances, whatever you want.  So when you post something, you can decide if all your friends can see it or just certain circles.  That sounds like it will be cool (but when you only have about seven people in your circles, it isn't easy to see how it'll work).  The thing is, if someone adds you to their circle, you see all their crap and they can't see yours until they add you back.  Until I figured out how to delete people who add you who you don't want to see, I got flooded by posts about beer by a couple of guys who DH had added.  Kind of a hassle.  


    I keep hearing it'll be the end-all, be-all of social networking, but when I'm already friends with my folks, my ILs, my DH's grandmother, and my childhood friends on FB, I don't want to figure out how to drag them all over to G+.  


    As an aside, my DH did say he has read that Google+ will be what kills Twitter.  Can't say I'll be sorry about that one. 

  • I'm not on yet, and I'm holding out a little longer.  I like FB - it's good for stalking folks that I don't really care to talk to, but I'm curious what's going on with them.

    I do have a feeling Google will take over the world, so I can see it taking over FB and Twitter and anything else out there... but I think FB will take a long time to go away.  Twitter just annoys me... I feel like not nearly as many "real" people use it, but you always hear about it on the news and stuff.  "So and so important person tweeted about their upcoming blah blah blah" and I just think, nobody cares, really, what you tweeted.

    Haha sorry, that was kind of unrelated to G+... end rant :)

  • Nothing wrong with that.  I hate Twitter.  DH nagged me and nagged me to join Twitter, so I finally gave in a couple months ago...and the ONLY thing I've found it's good for it seeing what stupid things my DH tweets.  The other morning, he was complaining about his long night at work and about how tired he is.  Except he has that Untappd app where he lists the different beers he tries and he had posted about three different beers.  I called him on it, and he couldn't figure out how I knew.  It's kind of fun.  :)


    Back to G+, if anyone wants, they've given my invites, and I'm happy to send one if you want to check it out.

  • I just got it a few weeks ago and I'm trying to figure it out. I think once more people get on board, I'll prefer it. I think the privacy settings are MUCH more accessible than Facebook, which is awesome.  Plus, I"m already in google for everything else ;)


    I have invites too if anyone wants one. Just email me :) [email protected] 

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